The socketed hammer is only rarely found in Middle Bronze Age contexts and is a more defined feature of Late Bronze Age hoards. Rowlands (1976: 45) states that, for this very reason, "it would be unwise to date stray finds to the MBA". With regard to decoration, they are found with or without a single rib band, and in the case of a few hoards in Britanny, some hammers were found with chevron decoration.

Socketed Hammer

Example = HAMP-2CB8E2, SUSS-2D5992
Date = 1400 - 750 BC
Distribution = Britain
Comment = Socketed hammers appeared at the same time as many other types of tools and were probably used as a woodworking tool. The socketed hammers would have had some sort of handle made of an organic material. A number of different sizes have been found from slender to quite large and there are just under 20 on the Portable Antiquities Database.


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