Cylindrical armlets

Two cylindrical armlets were found during the excavation of a barrow cemetery near the village of Lockington, Leicestershire, England. They are made of a band sheet metal decorated by embossed ribs and, only one of them, also by rows of pointillé. The dating of the archaeological context, supported by a radiocarbon date, can be related to an early phase of the Early Bronze age.

Dating and areas of discovery

Date: circa 2200 BC - 1900 BC
Distribution: Lockington, Leicestershire, England


Armlet BM 1996,0901.1

Ribbed gold armlet. Ribs widen to form lozenges at regular intervals around circumference. A line of embossed dots flanks both sides of each rib.

Armlet BM 1996,0901.2

Plain ribbed gold armlet.


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