Scheme guides

New Guides developed by the PASt Explorers project

Our Finds Recording Guides were expanded by the PASt Explorers project, to provide more information on identifying and recording a wide range of objects. We have moved them to a new page.

You can find other guides to recording, including how to use the PAS database, how to take and edit photographs of finds, and how to plot grid references using maps and GPS, on the County Pages.

Conservation guide, Bronze Age objects, and numismatic guides

On the left you will see a menu of our older guides. At the top is some information on how to best conserve any metal finds you may make. Below this is our Bronze Age Guide, detailing the different types of metal object that can be found in Britain from this period, with examples drawn from our database and from the British Museum's collection.

The final group of guides comprise our numismatic guides. These include detailed digests of our data for most coin periods, aimed at those already familiar with how coins can be identified. Some of the coin guides offer biographical information on rulers sourced from Wikipedia, and some basic tips on identification for beginners.