Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
BRIDGE (MUSIC) A small structure used to support strings on an instrument pushing them away from the body of the instrument. Preferred term 95475 -
BRIDLE Headgear for a horse, usually consisting of a series of buckled straps and a mouthpiece, bridle bit, by which the horse is controlled. Preferred term 95670 -
BRIDLE BIT A metal mouth piece used to control an animal, usually used on a horse. Preferred term 95671 -
BRIDLE FITTING Attachments that form part of the bridle. Preferred term 95672 -
BRIQUETAGE A collective name for the pans and fire bars used in the making of salt through evaporation. Preferred term 97337 -
BROADSWORD A broad design of sword used for cutting and slashing. Preferred term 97101 -
BROOCH Ornament often with a hinged pin and catch, worn fastened to clothing. Preferred term 96665 -
BROOCH PIN A specific type of early medieval pin. Do not use in instances where a pin has become detached from the brooch. Preferred term 96666 -
Brooch Spring Narrow term - -
Broom Narrow term - -
BRUSH A hand held device with bristles or hairs used for cleaning or painting. Preferred term 96400 -
Brush Holder The stem or handle of a brush designed to hold the head of the brush. Narrow term - -
Bucina Narrow term - -
BUCKET Container with arched handle used for carrying liquids, foodstuffs etc. Preferred term 96364 -
Bucket Handle Narrow term - -
Bucket Stave Narrow term - -
BUCKLE Clasp for fastening together two loose ends. Preferred term 96667 -
Buckle Frame Narrow term - -
Buckle Loop Narrow term - -
Buckle Pin Narrow term - -
Buckle Plate Narrow term - -
Buckle Tongue Narrow term - -
BUCKLER A type of shield, usually wooden and circular. Preferred term 95170 -
Bugle Use appropriate term. Narrow term - -
BULL The seal of a papal document Preferred term 97286 -
BULLA A papal document. Preferred term 95371 -
Bulla (Pendant) Narrow term - -
BULLET A projectile discharged from a weapon, usually a firearm. Preferred term 95135 -
BULLET MOULD A mould in which bullets or musket balls are cast. Preferred term 97340 -
BULLROARER A piece of wood attached to a thong that makes a roaring sound when the thong is whirled. Preferred term 95476 -

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