Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
BOOT STUD A metal reinforcer worn on the sole or heel of a boot. Preferred term 96573 -
BORER A flint tool for piercing holes. Preferred term 96485 -
BOTTLE A container, typically cylindrical with a narrow neck, usually for containing liquids. Preferred term 96823 -
BOUNDARY MARKER An indicator of the extent of an area of land. Preferred term 100121 -
BOW (MUSIC) A strung object used to produce sound usually from a string instrument eg a violin bow. Preferred term 95527 -
BOW (WEAPON) A weapon for shooting arrows. Preferred term 97100 -
BOW BROOCH Any brooch with the pin sprung or hinged at one end and the catchplate at the other end of a curved or flat bow. Can be one or two piece construction. Preferred term 96662 -
BOW DRILL A drill where the bit is twisted by means of a bow with the string wound around the shaft of the drill. Preferred term 100156 -
BOWED STRING INSTRUMENT An instrument played mainly by bowing the strings. Use narrower terms where known. Preferred term 95520 -
BOWL A round container open at the top, usually to hold liquids. Preferred term 96755 -
Bowling Ball Narrow term - -
BOX A container, usually rectangular and having a removable or hinged lid. Preferred term 96439 -
BOX PADLOCK KEY A key usually with a long stem with bit, stem and terminal in line. Preferred term 96243 -
Box Tile Narrow term - -
BRACELET Ornamental band or chain worn around the arm or wrist. Preferred term 96654 -
Bracer Narrow term - -
BRACKET A metal, stone or wooden projection with a flat upper surface to support a shelf, arch, statue etc. Preferred term 96244 -
BRACTEATE An ornament made of thin plates of gold or silver, with repousse ornament. Preferred term 96663 -
BRAD A flat nail of the same thickness that tapers in width to a point. Preferred term 100186 -
BRADAWL A small tool which pierces material. It has a flat cutting edge. Preferred term 96987 -
BRAID A woven fabric used to trim clothes. Preferred term 97636 -
BRAIL A belt used to confine a hawk's wings. Preferred term 97336 -
BRANDING IRON A heated iron used to label, burn or mark animals, slaves, criminals etc. Preferred term 95712 -
BRASS An ornamental tablet of brass. Use a materials thesaurus where brass is a material. Preferred term 97596 -
BRAZIER A metal receptacle used for burning coals, charcoal etc to provide heat. Preferred term 96176 -
BREASTPLATE Armour designed to protect the chest, sometimes permanently attached to a backplate. Preferred term 95169 -
Breech Cloth Narrow term - -
BREECHES A garment covering from the waist to the knees, similar to trousers but stop at the knees. Preferred term 96611 -
BRICK An oblong mass of hardened clay or mud, used in building. Preferred term 96010 -
BRIDAL HEADDRESS Head wear of a bride. Preferred term 95891 -

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