Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
BIRD REMAINS Use for the remains of any part of a bird. Preferred term 95128 -
Bladder Pipe Narrow term - -
BLADE A struck piece of flint or other stone where the length is at least twice the width. Preferred term 96399 -
BLANKET A thick fabric cover used to provide warmth. Preferred term 96527 -
BLEEDING CUP A container used to catch blood during bleeding. Preferred term 95259 -
BLIND A shade for a window. Preferred term 96528 -
BLIND FITTING An object which supports or is attached to a blind. Preferred term 96540 -
BLINKER Pieces of leather connected to a bridle designed to direct a horse's vision straight forward only. Preferred term 100048 -
BLOOM A material resulting from the smelting of iron ore. Preferred term 97335 -
BLOUSE A shirt like garment. Preferred term 96612 -
BLOWPIPE (TOOL) A long hollow tube used to blow molten glass into shapes. Preferred term 99652 -
BLOWPIPE (WEAPON) A tube through which missiles are blown. Preferred term 95133 -
BOARD A sawn piece of timber, thinner than a plank and often rectangular. Preferred term 96490 -
BOAT A small vessel propelled on water by an engine, oars or sails. Preferred term 95453 -
BOAT HOOK A long handled hook used for pulling a boat to a place eg another boat, or pushing off from a place. Preferred term 100149 -
BOBBIN An object on which thread or yarn is wound or hooked. Preferred term 96985 -
Bobbin Shuttle Narrow term - -
BODKIN A pointed tool used to pierce holes, usually in textiles. Preferred term 96918 -
BODY PLUG An object used in the preparation of a body following death. It was used to plug the orifices of the body. Preferred term 97538 -
BOLAS A missile consisting of a number of weights joined together by cord. The bolas entangles the legs of a target causing it to fall. Preferred term 95767 -
BOLSTER A long pillow, especially one used as an under pillow. Preferred term 96529 -
BOLT (FASTENING) A metal pin, often with a screw thread and used in conjunction with a nut. Preferred term 96240 -
BOLT (LOCK) A sliding metal bar, often fixed to a door or similar, which moves through staples so that its end fixes into another staple or hole which is attached to a fixed object, eg a door frame. Preferred term 96241 -
BONNET A form of hat, usually does not cover the forehead nor have a brim, and usually worn by women. Preferred term 96582 -
BOOK A bound collection of paper or other materials. Preferred term 95366 -
Book Clasp Narrow term - -
Book Cover Narrow term - -
BOOK FITTING Mountings, often decorative, attached to a book. Preferred term 95368 -
Book Mount Narrow term - -
BOOT Type of footwear which covers a minimum of the foot and ankle. Preferred term 96566 -

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