Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
BEDDING Soft items used to make a bed ready to be slept upon. Preferred term 97202 -
Bedpost Narrow term - -
Bedsheet Narrow term - -
BEE SKEP A portable beehive, often made of straw. Preferred term 99628 -
Bee Skepp Narrow term - -
BEEHIVE A receptacle used as a home for bees, traditionally made of thick straw work in the shape of a dome,but sometimes made of wood. Preferred term 95656 -
BEEHIVE QUERN A method of grinding cereals where one stone is rotated on another by hand. Preferred term 96917 -
BELL Any dome shaped metal bell struck either by an internal clapper or by a hammer. Preferred term 95509 -
Bell Clapper Narrow term - -
BELL PULL A cord or handle which rings a bell when pulled. Preferred term 96238 -
BELL SYSTEM A system of communication used in a house to summon servants or on board ship to transmit orders to the engine room. Preferred term 95365 -
BELLOWS An object used to create a blast of air. Preferred term 96486 -
BELT A band of leather, cloth etc worn usually around the waist to support clothing, carry weapons, pouches, tools etc or as a decoration. Preferred term 96630 -
Belt Attachment Narrow term - -
Belt Chape Narrow term - -
Belt Clasp Narrow term - -
Belt Fitting Narrow term - -
Belt Loop Narrow term - -
Belt Mount Narrow term - -
Belt Plate Narrow term - -
Belt Slide Narrow term - -
BENCH (SEAT) A long seat usually without a back. Preferred term 97332 -
BENCH (TABLE) A rough table usually for working upon. Preferred term 97333 -
BIB A piece of cloth or plastic worn especially by babies to protect clothes while eating. Preferred term 96613 -
BIER Movable stand for carrying a body to its grave. Preferred term 95893 -
BILL Military weapon with long shaft and bill style head. For agricultural style bills use bill hook. Preferred term 95920 -
BILL HOOK A tool used to cut or split wood. Preferred term 95766 -
BIRD BATH An object constructed to allow birds to bathe in it. Preferred term 97536 -
BIRD CAGE A cage for containing birds. Preferred term 97334 -
BIRD FEEDER An object designed to hold food for birds. Preferred term 97537 -

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