Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
BANDAGE A strip of cloth used for binding a wound. Preferred term 95258 -
Bangle Narrow term - -
BANK NOTE Official currency printed or written onto paper which can be directly exchanged for goods, services or coins. Preferred term 95419 -
BANNER A flag bearing a device, often carried on two poles or hanging from a cross piece. Usually used in processions. Preferred term 96419 -
BAR IRON A piece of iron cut from blooms and lengths of bar, probably for transportation, which were then reworked. Preferred term 97533 -
Bar Mount Narrow term - -
Bar Share Narrow term - -
BARBED AND TANGED ARROWHEAD A triangular arrowhead retouched to form a central tang and lateral barbs. The sides may be straight or concave. Preferred term 95162 -
BARBED POINT A bone or antler point with rows of barbs, usually on one side only. Preferred term 97328 -
BAROMETER An instrument for measuring atmospheric pressure by its effects on mercury in a glass tube. It can also be used to measure altitude and depth and is especially used for predicting the weather. Preferred term 95312 -
BARREL A cylindrical container, usually bulging outward in the middle and usually held together by metal hoops. Preferred term 96397 -
BARREL PADLOCK A form of padlock with a cylindrical case and bolts and springs attached to spines. Preferred term 96235 -
BARREL PADLOCK KEY A key, usually with a long stem, its terminal is generally hooked or looped, and bit set at angle to stem with radiating or looped wards. Preferred term 96236 -
BASELARD A type of dagger, usually used by civilians in the medieval period, with a H shaped hilt. Preferred term 95163 -
BASIN A round container, open and wide at the top with sides sloping inwards toward the bottom. Preferred term 96398 -
BASINET A type of helmet with a hinged visor. Preferred term 97329 -
BASKET A container made of interwoven strips of pliable materials, such as cane or reed, often carried by a handle. Preferred term 96363 -
BAT A gaming implement usually used in conjunction with a ball. Preferred term 97330 -
BATH A large container used for washing the body. Preferred term 96523 -
BATON A staff of office or authority. Preferred term 95473 -
BATON DE COMMANDEMENT A rod, often of antler, with a hole through it and decorated. Preferred term 97524 -
BATTLEAXE An axe designed for fighting could be single or double headed and used with one or two hands. Where use is thought to be ceremonial multiple index with ceremonial object. Preferred term 95165 -
BAYONET A short stabbing weapon, designed to be fixed to the muzzle of a musket or rifle, even in some cases to pistols. Some were designed to be used both fixed to long guns and independent of them. Preferred term 95166 -
BEAD A small, pierced, often spherical or cylindrical, piece of glass, wood,etc, which may be strung together with others to form a necklace. Preferred term 96488 -
BEAKER A straight sided drinking vessel, usually with a wide mouth and without handles. Preferred term 96754 -
BEAM A load carrying horizontal structural member. Preferred term 96006 -
BEATER (MUSIC) A wooden or metal object used to provide a rhythm by striking another object. Preferred term 95526 -
BEATER (TOOL) A general tool used to beat objects with. Preferred term 97441 -
BED To be used for the frame elements only, not for the bedding. Preferred term 96524 -
BED PAN A container used as a lavatory by bedridden people. Preferred term 96822 -

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