Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
AXE HAMMER An axe with a cutting edge and a hammer head. Preferred term 143949 -
AXE MOULD A mould in which an axehead is cast. Preferred term 96983 -
AXE TRIMMING FLAKE Characteristic waste flakes struck off in the production of axes. Preferred term 97526 -
AXEHEAD The cutting or chopping part of an axe. Preferred term 100153 -
AXEHEAD ROUGHOUT An unfinished, roughly shaped axehead. Preferred term 100112 -
AXLE A rod or spindle, either fixed or rotating, on which a wheel or group of wheels is fixed. Preferred term 95455 -
AXLE CAP Usually made of iron, this bound the end of an axle and was perforated to allow a linch pin to pass through the axle and keep the wheel in place. Preferred term 95456 -
Baby Feeder Narrow term - -
BACKED BLADE A stone blade with one edge blunted. Preferred term 97325 -
BACKED BLADELET A small stone blade with one edge blunted. Preferred term 97326 -
Backed Knife Narrow term - -
BACKPLATE Piece of armour worn to protect the back, often permanently connected to the breastplate. Preferred term 95158 -
BADGE A distinguishing emblem or mark, often worn to signify membership, achievement, employment etc. Preferred term 96418 -
BAG A flexible container with an opening at one end. Preferred term 96653 -
Bag Ring Narrow term - -
BAGPIPES A composite instrument in which air is forced through one or more drones and chanter from an inflated bag or bladder. Preferred term 95525 -
BAILER A machine for creating bails of straw. Preferred term 97532 -
BALANCE An apparatus for weighing, usually consists of a beam on a pivot with a means of supporting the object to be weighed on one side and weights on the other. Preferred term 95306 -
Balance Arm Narrow term - -
Balance Beam Narrow term - -
Balance Pan Narrow term - -
Balance Pin Narrow term - -
BALANCE WEIGHT Weight used with any kind of balance. Preferred term 95311 -
BALDRIC A sash or belt worn over the shoulder to the hip for carrying a sword. Preferred term 95159 -
Ball Use appropriate term. Narrow term - -
BALL (GAME) A round object used in games. Preferred term 95616 -
BALL (RITUAL) Polished stone balls interpreted as ritual objects in the Scottish Iron Age. Preferred term 100138 -
BALLISTA BALL A stone missile fired from a ballista, larger in diameter than ballista shot. Preferred term 95160 -
BALLISTA BOLT A large bolt or arrow fired from a ballista. Preferred term 95161 -
BALUSTER A vertical pillar or post, often shaped. Preferred term 96004 -

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