Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
ARD A light plough used to break up the earth. It does not have a mouldboard to turn the earth. Preferred term 95763 -
ARM BAND A piece of material worn as a band around the arm. Preferred term 96629 -
ARM GUARD A piece of armour designed to protect the arm or a part of the arm. Preferred term 97103 -
Arm Piece Narrow term - -
ARM PURSE A purse, sometimes of bronze, usually worn on the forearm. Preferred term 96651 -
ARMCHAIR A single seat with back and arms and usually upholstered. Preferred term 96522 -
ARMLET A band or bracelet worn around the arm. Preferred term 96652 -
ARMOUR Protective covering for the body. Preferred term 95156 -
ARMOUR Use for the construction style of the armour, eg plate armour. Preferred term 95843 -
ARMOUR The forms of armour used to protect various parts of the body. Preferred term 95838 -
ARMOUR Use for the function that the armour is intended for, eg parades, field use, decorative etc. Preferred term 95842 -
ARMOUR AND WEAPONS Protective covering for personal defence, objects designed to kill, injure or overwhelm an opponent or quarry, and ancillary equipment. Preferred term 97083 -
ARMS The heraldic bearings or shield of a person, family or corporation. Preferred term 95725 -
Arms Case Narrow term - -
ARMS HOLDER A container in which weapons are put for storage and or transportation. Preferred term 96820 -
ARROW A projectile fired from a bow. Preferred term 95131 -
Arrow Shaft Straightener Narrow term - -
Arrow Smoother Narrow term - -
ARROW STRAIGHTENER A stone grooved on one face thought to have been used to straighten and smooth arrow shafts. Preferred term 96911 -
ARROWHEAD The weapon end of an arrow, often shaped for particular uses. Preferred term 95132 -
Asperges Narrow term - -
Aspergill Narrow term - -
ASSEMBLAGE A collection of associated artefacts recovered from a single site. Preferred term 141192 -
ASTROLABE An instrument, usually consisting of a disc and pointer, formerly used to make astronomical measurements, especially of the altitudes of celestial bodies and as an aid in navigation. Preferred term 95252 -
ASTRONOMICAL INSTRUMENT An instrument for viewing or measuring information on heavenly bodies. Preferred term 95305 -
AUGER A tool with a cross handle at one end and a spoon shaped or gouge cutter at the other, used for drilling holes. Preferred term 96912 -
AUGER BIT The cutting part of an auger. Preferred term 96913 -
Aulos Narrow term - -
AWL A simple, pointed implement for piercing. Preferred term 96914 -
AXE A tool with an edged head and a wooden shaft, used for a variety of purposes. Preferred term - -

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