Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
Animal Bone Narrow term - -
ANIMAL CARE EQUIPMENT Equipment used in the care and upkeep of animals, usually used directly on the animal. Preferred term 97156 -
ANIMAL COLLAR A band of material, often leather, or a chain or similar worn around the neck of an animal for identification and or restraint. Where this is part of harness use the specific harness term. Preferred term 100047 -
ANIMAL EQUIPMENT Objects associated with the care and use of animals. Preferred term 95054 -
Animal Horn Narrow term - -
ANIMAL MICRO REMAINS Use for microscopic animal remains. Preferred term 100097 -
ANIMAL REMAINS The remains of any part of any animal. Use specific term where possible. Preferred term 95074 -
ANIMAL SHOE A shoe fixed to an animal, either permanently or temporarily, to protect the hoof and provide improved grip. Preferred term 97695 -
Animal Skeleton Narrow term - -
Animal Skull Narrow term - -
Animal Tooth Narrow term - -
Ankle Guard Narrow term - -
ANKLET An ornamental chain, worn around the ankle. Preferred term 96650 -
ANNULAR BROOCH A ring shaped brooch. Preferred term 97114 -
Antefix Narrow term - -
Antler Narrow term - -
Antler Tine Narrow term - -
ANVIL A block, usually of iron, upon which objects are shaped and hammered eg in smithing. Preferred term 96981 -
APOTHECARY JAR A jar used to store medicines, drugs or the constituent parts of medicines and drugs. Preferred term 95255 -
APOTHECARY LADLE A ladle used for the making of drugs and medicines. Preferred term 95256 -
APOTHECARY WEIGHT One of a set used in pharmacy to measure volume or weight for dispensing. Preferred term 95257 -
APPLE CORER A tool for removing the core from an apple. Preferred term 96752 -
APRON A protective outer garment. Preferred term 96614 -
APRON FITTING A specialised fitting for Roman armour. For a part of a garment use APRON. Preferred term 97529 -
AQUAMANILE Used for holding water and washing hands, usually in the shape of an animal. Preferred term 96753 -
ARCH The spanning of an opening without the use of a lintel. Preferred term 96001 -
Archetype Narrow term - -
ARCHITECTURAL ELEMENT Parts of a building's fabric, structures and associated services, eg drain pipe. If the structure is complete use a monument type thesaurus. Preferred term 96360 -
ARCHITECTURAL FRAGMENT Fragments of a structure, usually material that has been worked. Preferred term 96002 -
ARCHITECTURE Objects forming fragments or parts of a building's fabric, structures and associated services, eg drain pipes. Where an object is a fixture or fitting use the separate class. Preferred term 95056 -

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