Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
CROTAL An enclosed, round bell with a slit, sounded by a loose internal pellet. Preferred term 95549 -
CROWBAR An iron bar used as a lever. Preferred term 97354 -
CROWN An encircling ornament for the head, usually denoting sovereignty. Preferred term 95716 -
CROZIER The staff or crook of a bishop or abbot. Preferred term 95919 -
CRUCIBLE A container in which substances are heated to high temperatures. Preferred term 96851 -
CRUCIFIX A cross with the image of Christ upon it. Preferred term 95921 -
CRUET (DOMESTIC) A small container for holding oil, vinegar, salt etc for use at the table. Preferred term 97503 -
CRUET (RELIGIOUS) A vessel to contain wine or water used in the Eucharist. Preferred term 95923 -
CRUSE A small earthenware container used for liquids. Preferred term 96852 -
CRUSHING STONE A stone used to crush objects. Preferred term 96405 -
CRUTCH A staff to support a lame or legless person. Preferred term 95267 -
CUFF The bottom part of a sleeve, can be ornamental. Preferred term 96635 -
CUFF LINK A small object designed to hold together the two ends of a cuff. Preferred term 96683 -
CUIRASS Armour designed to protect the torso, and consists of both back and breast plates. Preferred term 95180 -
CULTIVATION OBJECT Equipment used in the preparation and maintenance of ground, and in the planting and maintenance of crops. Preferred term 97680 -
CUP A small open container, usually with one handle, used for drinking. Preferred term 96767 -
CUPBOARD A piece of furniture with one or more doors concealing storage space. Preferred term 96538 -
CUPEL A small shallow cup used in assaying gold or silver. Preferred term 97356 -
CUPPING VESSEL A vessel used in 'dry cupping' to form a vacuum over an area of skin. Preferred term 96853 -
Curfew Narrow term 97555 -
CURRENCY Objects primarily intended to be used as a medium of exchange, eg coins. Preferred term 97209 -
CURRENCY BAR An iron bar or ingot of distinctive form with a pinched end previously thought to have been used as a medium of exchange in the Iron Age but is now believed to be a roughout for a sword. Preferred term 95425 -
CURRIERS KNIFE A leather working tool. Preferred term 97000 -
CURRY COMB A handheld serrated device for grooming horses. Preferred term 95661 -
CURSE An object designed to bring bad luck, divine wrath, disease etc upon the bearer or target of the curse. Preferred term 95924 -
CURSE TABLET A tablet, often made of lead, on which curses are written. Sometimes the tablet is transfixed with a nail. Preferred term 97511 -
CURSING STICK A stick used to bring down curses. Preferred term 95925 -
CURTAIN Hanging drapery used to cover an opening eg a window, often decorative. Preferred term 96539 -
CURTAIN FITTING An object which supports or is attached to a curtain. Preferred term 96541 -
CUSHION Bag filled with soft stuffing used to support the body. Preferred term 96542 -

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