Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
COSMETIC PESTLE A pestle used specifically for grinding cosmetics. Preferred term 96147 -
COSMETIC SET An associated group of toilet articles. Preferred term 96148 -
COSMETIC SPOON A long narrow spoon used to remove cosmetics or medicines from narrow necked containers. Preferred term 100091 -
COSTREL A portable medieval container usually cylindrical or barrel shaped. Preferred term 96848 -
COSTUME A style of dressing including all the clothes, accessories etc worn at one time, as in a particular country or period. Preferred term 95060 -
COT A child's bed, usually without rockers. Preferred term 96535 -
COTTON GIN A machine for freeing the cotton from the plant. Preferred term 97351 -
COUCH A long seat for reclining on. Preferred term 96536 -
Coulter Narrow term - -
COW BELL A bell worn by a cow to identify its location. Preferred term 95660 -
CRADLE A child's bed, usually with rockers. Preferred term 96537 -
Cramp Narrow term - -
CRAMPON A spiked, iron plate fixed to a boot for climbing on ice. Preferred term 96575 -
CREAMER A decorative container for serving cream. Preferred term 100066 -
CREASER A flat edged blade used in leatherworking Preferred term 96999 -
CREEL A wickerwork basket for holding fish or catching lobsters. Preferred term 96849 -
CREMATION The burnt remains of a corpse. Preferred term 97661 -
CRESSET A metal basket, mounted on a pole, in which oil or pitch was burned for illumination. Preferred term 96850 -
CRESSET LAMP An open lamp which was filled with oil then a wick floated on the oil. Preferred term 96200 -
Crest Narrow term - -
CRESTED BLADE A flint blade with negative impressions of removals on one side of the dorsal surface, creating a crest. These constitute part of a previously worked striking platfom or result from preparing the flaked surface on a core before detaching flakes or blades. Preferred term 97553 -
CROOK A staff with a bent head used by a shepherd. For a crook used by a bishop use crozier. Preferred term 97353 -
CROSS An object consisting of a vertical member with a transverse member. Usually there is a religious or ritual significance to such an object. Preferred term 95912 -
Cross Head Narrow term - -
CROSS PENDANT A pendant in the shape of a cross. Preferred term 95918 -
Cross Shaft Narrow term - -
Cross Shaft Base Narrow term - -
CROSS STAFF A navigational device. Preferred term 100119 -
CROSSBOW A bow, fixed to a stock, with a mechanism to fire the bow. Preferred term 95137 -
CROSSBOW BOLT A pointed projectile fired from a crossbow designed to injure or kill a given target. Preferred term 95179 -

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