Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
CONTAINER An objects which serves as a vessel. This class includes containers for which the function is either specific or unknown. Where the function is known, the term is also included within another class, eg churn. Preferred term 96817 -
CONTAINER Containers identified by the form they take rather than by function. Preferred term 97243 -
CONTAINER Containers identified by function rather than by form. Preferred term 97220 -
COOKING STONE A stone or stone platform in a fire upon which cooking vessels are placed. Preferred term 96764 -
COOKING VESSEL Containers used for cooking. Preferred term 97227 -
COOLER A container designed to assist in cooling foodstuffs or liquids. Use specific type where known. Preferred term 96765 -
CORACLE A small boat of wickerwork covered by a watertight material. Preferred term 95444 -
CORBEL A support projecting from a wall. Preferred term 96036 -
CORE The piece of stone or flint remaining after flakes have been produced. This is a by-product of tool manufacture. Preferred term 97552 -
Core Fragment Narrow term - -
Core Rejuvenation Flake Narrow term - -
CORER A device for removing the core from fruit. Preferred term 96766 -
CORK A stopper made of cork used to prevent liquid escaping from a container. Preferred term 96520 -
CORKSCREW A device with a spirally twisted shaft, pointed end and handle for removing corks from bottles. Preferred term 97350 -
CORN BIN A storage container designed to contain corn. Preferred term 95771 -
CORN DOLLY A figurative or decorative object made of corn, used as a charm for luck or to ward off evil spirits. Preferred term 95910 -
Corn Measure Narrow term - -
Cornu Narrow term - -
Coronet Narrow term - -
CORSET A close fitting garment, usually stiffened by boning or similar and tightly laced to shape and support the wearer's figure. Preferred term 100080 -
CORSLET A flexible armour designed to protect the torso. Preferred term 95178 -
COSMETIC ARTICLE An object used with cosmetics. Preferred term 97117 -
Cosmetic Bowl Narrow term - -
Cosmetic Box Narrow term - -
Cosmetic Case Narrow term - -
COSMETIC CONTAINER A container for the storage and or use of cosmetics. Preferred term 96144 -
Cosmetic Dish Narrow term - -
Cosmetic Flask Narrow term - -
Cosmetic Jar Narrow term - -
COSMETIC MORTAR A mortar used specifically for grinding cosmetics. Preferred term 96146 -

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