Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
COIN DIE A block of metal with a device cut into it, used to impress a coin blank. Preferred term 96994 -
COIN HOARD A group of coins deliberately deposited together. Preferred term 97525 -
COIN MOULD A mould used to cast coins. Preferred term 97349 -
COIN WEIGHT One of a set, used as standards for specific coins, often bearing stamps and other marks of authenticity. Preferred term 95364 -
COIR BEATER A tool used in processing the fibres from coconuts. Preferred term 96995 -
COLANDER A pan with a perforated bottom for straining or rinsing food. Preferred term 96762 -
COLLAR A piece of material worn around the neck. Where it is a collar for an animal use animal collar. Preferred term 96634 -
COLUMN A long vertical pillar usually of stone used as a structural support in buildings often artistically sculpted or shaped. Preferred term 96030 -
Column Base Narrow term - -
COMB A toothed strip of material used to disentangle hair. Preferred term 96154 -
COMB CASE A case in which a comb was carried. Preferred term 97242 -
Comb Case Plate Narrow term - -
Comb Connecting Plate Narrow term - -
Comb End Plate Narrow term - -
Comb Handle Narrow term - -
Comb Tooth Narrow term - -
Comb Tooth Plate Narrow term - -
COMBINATION TOOL A tool which combines two or more different types of tool. Preferred term 96997 -
Commemorative Brass Narrow term - -
COMMEMORATIVE OBJECT An object that commemorates an animal, person, location or event. Preferred term 99622 -
Commemorative Plaque Narrow term - -
COMMEMORATIVE STONE A stone which bears an inscription commemorating an event or person. Preferred term 95727 -
Commemorative Tablet Narrow term - -
COMMODE A piece of furniture containing a chamber pot or wash basin. Preferred term 96534 -
Communion Cup Narrow term - -
Communion Flagon Narrow term - -
Communion Tankard Narrow term - -
COMPASS An instrument showing the direction of magnetic north and bearings from it. Preferred term 95253 -
COMPASSES An instrument for taking measurements and describing circles, with two straight arms connected at one end by a movable joint. Preferred term 95363 -
COMPOSITE COMB A comb made up of riveting together sections between connecting plates. Preferred term 96155 -

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