Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
CLOAK A voluminous garment worn over other clothing. Preferred term 96609 -
Cloak Fastener Narrow term 97348 -
Cloak Pin Narrow term - -
CLOCK An instrument for measuring time. Preferred term 95330 -
Clock Face Narrow term - -
CLOG A wooden, or wooden soled, shoe. Preferred term 96567 -
Cloth Narrow term - -
CLOTH BEATER A tool used to hit fabric, eg to remove dust or dirt. Preferred term 96481 -
CLOTH MEASURE A measuring rule used for cloth, with the imperial yard divided into quarters and nails (sixteenths), or using the now obsolete ell of 45 inches. Preferred term 95332 -
CLOTH SEAL A lead seal marking newly woven cloth which served as a quality control method in medieval and post medieval periods. Preferred term 95421 -
CLOTHES HANGER An object from which clothes can be hung. Preferred term 96269 -
CLOTHING Covering and accessories worn on the body. Preferred term 97105 -
CLOTHING ACCESSORY An item worn as clothing or in addition to clothes. Preferred term 97110 -
CLOTHING FASTENING An item used to join together clothing (includes footwear). Preferred term 97287 -
CLUB A thick heavy weapon used to strike the opponent. Preferred term 95136 -
CLUMP SOLE An extra sole on a shoe. Preferred term 96574 -
Coal Money Narrow term - -
COAT A sleeved outer garment. Preferred term 96608 -
COCKSPUR A metal spur fitted to the leg of a fighting cock as an aid in fighting. Preferred term 95623 -
CODPIECE An appendage worn on the front of breeches. Preferred term 100078 -
Coffer Narrow term - -
COFFIN A container within which a body is placed for burial, usually made of lead or wood. Preferred term 95905 -
COFFIN FITTING A part of a coffin that is removable eg handle, mount etc. Preferred term 100132 -
Coffin Lining Narrow term - -
Coffin Plate Narrow term - -
COGWHEEL A wheel with a series of teeth on its outside which interlock with similar teeth on another cogwheel to receive or give motion. Preferred term 96993 -
COIF (ARMOUR) A close fitting skull cap, usually worn under a helmet. Preferred term 100077 -
COIF (CAP) A close fitting cap covering the sides, back and top of the head. Preferred term 100076 -
COIN A piece of metal, usually cast, struck or stamped, with a definite value. Preferred term 95423 6089
COIN BLANK An unstruck coin piece. Preferred term 136753 -

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