Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
Chain Mail Narrow term - -
CHAIR A single seat with a back, sometimes also arms. Preferred term 96532 -
CHALICE A stemmed cup used for holding the wine during communion. Preferred term 95877 -
CHALK BALL A ball of chalk found on Neolithic sites. Preferred term 95106 -
CHAMBER POT A container used as a lavatory. Preferred term 96533 -
Chamfrain Narrow term - -
CHAMFRON The front piece of horse armour. Preferred term 100054 -
CHANDELIER A hanging frame with branches which act as candle holders or to which lights are attached. Preferred term 96199 -
CHAPE Invalid term - -
CHARGER A large, flat dish. Preferred term 96759 -
CHARIOT A vehicle used in warfare, racing or to carry passengers. Preferred term 95446 -
CHARIOT FITTING A mounting or fitting attached to a chariot. Preferred term 97494 -
CHARM An object which contains or is inscribed with spells against disease, witchcraft etc, or providing luck to the wearer. Preferred term 95876 -
CHARM BRACELET A bracelet holding charms or being itself a charm. Preferred term 95874 -
CHARM NECKLACE A necklace holding charms or being itself a charm. Preferred term 95873 -
CHATELAINE A short chain or chains attached to a woman's belt for carrying keys etc. Preferred term 96678 -
Cheekpiece Narrow term - -
CHEESE PRESS A device with two flat plates and a mechanism used to force the plates together, to help solidify milk products in cheese making. Preferred term 96760 -
CHESS BOARD A chequered board used to play chess. Preferred term 95620 -
CHESS PIECE A gaming piece used specifically to play chess. Preferred term 95621 -
Chessman Narrow term - -
CHEST A box used for storage or shipping. Preferred term 96443 -
CHIMNEY A vertical structure used to draw off smoke from a fire. Preferred term 96023 -
CHIMNEY POT A square or cylindrical pipe at the top of a chimney which helps the draught of air. Preferred term 96025 -
CHISEL A cutting tool for shaping and carving materials, often used in conjunction with a hammer or mallet. Preferred term 96922 -
CHOKER A neck band or necklace worn tightly around the throat. Preferred term 96633 -
CHOPPER A unifacially worked early stone tool. Preferred term 96402 -
CHOPPING BLOCK A block on which objects are chopped or cut. Preferred term 96403 -
CHRISMATORY A vessel containing a religious oil or unguent. Preferred term 95872 -
CHURN A large container with lip and handle usually for milk. Preferred term 95768 -

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