Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
CART FITTING A mounting or fixture attached to a cart. Preferred term 95447 -
CARTRIDGE The case containing the charge for a firearm. Preferred term 95174 -
CARVED STONE A stone which has been carved. Use more specific term where known. Preferred term - -
CARVING A three dimensional representation usually done in wood, ivory or stone. Preferred term 97541 -
CASE (LUGGAGE) A large portable container used for carrying items such as clothes, papers etc. Preferred term 96677 -
CASE (PIPE) A case in which a pipe would be held to protect it. Preferred term 100073 -
Cask Narrow term - -
CASKET A small box or chest for valuables, especially jewels. Preferred term 96445 -
CAST A moulded object. Preferred term 96990 -
CASTANET A specific type of hand held hollowed wooden clapper, known in Europe from medieval times onwards. Preferred term 95512 -
Casting Counter Narrow term - -
Casting Debris Narrow term - -
CASTING WASTE Waste products ensuing from the casting process. Preferred term 97542 -
CATAPULT A device used to throw projectiles, can vary from a small forked stick for hurling stones to a large engine of war to hurl large projectiles. Preferred term 95175 -
CATCH A device to catch and hold one object to another, eg a door to a doorpost. Preferred term 96245 -
CATHETER A long, slender, flexible tube for inserting into a body cavity for the introduction or withdrawal of fluids. Preferred term 95262 -
Cattle Nasal Bone Narrow term - -
Cattle Whip Narrow term - -
CAULDRON A large pot used for boiling. Preferred term 96757 -
Cauldron Hanger Narrow term - -
CAULKING TOOL A tool to apply material to the seams of a ship. Preferred term 96992 -
Celt Narrow term - -
CELTIC HEAD A carved head of Iron Age or Roman date, with uncertain use. Preferred term 95881 -
CENSER A vessel in which incense is burnt. Preferred term 95880 -
CENTURIAL STONE An inscribed marker stone found on Hadrian's Wall. Preferred term 95728 -
CEREMONIAL OBJECT An object with a ceremonial or symbolic function. Multiple index with specific object where possible, eg for a ceremonial battleaxe index as ceremonial object and battleaxe. Preferred term 100065 -
CEREMONIAL STAFF A staff used for ceremonial purposes, often highly decorated. Preferred term 95878 -
CHAFING DISH A vessel with heating apparatus beneath it, for cooking or keeping food warm at the table. Preferred term 96231 -
CHAIN A series of connecting metal links. Preferred term 96246 -
Chain Link Narrow term - -

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