Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
CANDELABRUM A large, branched candle holder. Preferred term 96186 -
CANDLE An object made up of a wick surrounded by wax or tallow which burns slowly to provide light. Preferred term 96187 -
CANDLE BRACKET A holder for a candle, usually fitted to another object. Preferred term 96188 -
CANDLE HOLDER An object in which a candle is put in order to provide light. Preferred term 96192 -
CANDLE SNUFFER An object used to stop a candle burning. Preferred term 96194 -
CANDLE STAND A tall holder for candles which stands on the floor. Preferred term 96195 -
Candle Standard Narrow term - -
Candleholder Narrow term - -
CANDLESTICK A container for one or more candles. Preferred term 96198 -
CANISTER (FOOD) A container for dried foodstuffs. Preferred term 97672 -
CANISTER (SHOT) A container filled with musket balls, metal fragments, nails etc. Designed to kill or maim the enemy at a close range. Preferred term 97673 -
CANNON A heavy artillery piece consisting of a metal tube mounted on a gun carriage. Preferred term 95172 -
CANNON BALL A solid ball fired from cannons, size and weight would depend on the calibre of the cannon. Preferred term 95173 -
CANOE A small, narrow boat with pointed ends propelled by paddling. Preferred term 95452 -
Canopic Chest Narrow term - -
Canopic Jar Narrow term - -
Canopic Urn Narrow term - -
CANOPIC VESSEL An Egyptian container for holding the entrails of a mummy. Preferred term 97315 -
CAP A covering for the head with a peak to shade the eyes. Preferred term 96583 -
CAPE A short hooded cloak. Preferred term 96610 -
CAPITAL The upper part of a column or pier. Preferred term 96018 -
CAPSULE A small containment for drugs which can be ingested. Preferred term 95261 -
CARBOY A large bottle, generally protected by a basket or box, usually used for containing corrosive liquids, etc. Preferred term 96828 -
CARDER A flat board with short spikes used to comb out the staple of wool to remove tangles before spinning. Usually used in pairs. Preferred term 96921 -
CARDING COMB A comb used to comb fibre before spinning. Preferred term 96989 -
CARNYX A war trumpet, usually Iron Age. Preferred term 97344 -
CARPET Thick material, usually woven, used as a covering for the floor. Preferred term 96531 -
CARRIAGE A wheeled passenger vehicle, especially one with four wheels and pulled by horses. Preferred term 95451 -
Carrying Chair Narrow term - -
CART A vehicle with two wheels for carrying loads. Preferred term 95448 -

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