Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
BUNG A large stopper, often of cork. Preferred term 96401 -
BURIAL CHEST Chests connected with the burial of a body. Preferred term 95890 -
Burial Cloth Narrow term - -
Burial Pot Narrow term - -
BURIAL URN An urn containing a cremation burial. Preferred term 95886 -
BURIN A graving tool used for engraving objects. Prehistoric versions are usually made of flint or other stone, later versions usually of metal. Preferred term 95758 -
BURIN SPALL A narrow flake which is the by-product of making a burin. Preferred term 97341 -
BURNISHER A tool used to polish the surface of an artefact. Preferred term 96920 -
BURNT FLINT Flint which has been burnt. It is not necessarily worked. Preferred term 97540 -
BURR A small hand operated rotary drill used by dentists. Preferred term 95260 -
BUSHEL A measuring container to measure dry goods. Preferred term 95326 -
BUST The sculpted head, shoulders and breast of a person. Preferred term 95760 -
BUTTER CHURN A vessel used to produce butter from milk through agitation. Preferred term 96824 -
BUTTERIS A farrier's tool for paring a horse's hoof. Preferred term 97003 -
BUTTON A stud used for fastening an item usually used for clothing. Preferred term 96674 -
BUTTON AND LOOP FASTENER A fastener made of a metal circle connected to a metal loop fixed to an object and used to fasten to another object by means of a button or a loop. The usage of these items is unclear, could include use for animals or for dress. Preferred term 96675 -
BUTTON COVER A piece of material, eg metal, cloth, leather etc, added to a button to enhance or embellish it. Preferred term 96632 -
BUZZER An instrument which creates a buzzing noise. Preferred term 95411 -
BY PRODUCT A secondary or incidental product of a process. Preferred term 97290 -
CABINET A piece of furniture containing shelves, cupboards or drawers for storage or display. Preferred term 96530 -
CAGE A portable confining enclosure or framework. Preferred term 96825 -
CALENDAR A table of months and days in the year. Preferred term 95327 -
Calf Hair Narrow term - -
CALLIPERS An instrument with curved arms for measuring difficult or awkward shapes. Preferred term 97141 -
CALTROP Four iron spikes joined together so that when the caltrop is on the ground a spike is always pointing upwards. Used to disable infantry and cavalry. Preferred term 95171 -
CAME A strip of lead holding small pieces of glass (quarries) in a window. Preferred term 96011 -
Camel Harness Narrow term - -
Camel Whip Narrow term - -
CAMEO A medallion, as on a brooch or ring, with a stone which is often semi precious with a device carved in relief. Preferred term 96676 -
CAN A metal container for liquids and foodstuffs, often sealed. Preferred term 96826 -

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