Object types that the Scheme uses

These terms are from the British Museum /MDA thesaurus of archaeological object terms.

Term Scope note Term type SENESCHAL URI British Museum URI
ABACUS A calculating table or frame, specifically one in which balls slide upon wires. Used for the mechanical solution of arithmetical problems. Preferred term 95302 5090
ADZE A cutting tool where the plane of the blade is at right angles to the shaft. Preferred term 96909 5104
ADZE HAMMER A shaft hole adze with additional hammer knob, normally polished stone. Preferred term 96910 -
AESTEL An object to point at words whilst reading, eg the Alfred jewel. Preferred term 97285 -
AGRICULTURE AND SUBSISTENCE Objects associated with cultivation, the rearing of livestock, gathering, hunting, fishing, horticulture and the primary processing of foodstuffs. Preferred term 95055 -
ALEMBIC A type of retort used for distillation. Preferred term 96816 -
ALIDADE A scale or index of a sextant, astrolabe or similar instrument. Preferred term 95303 -
ALTAR A structure consecrated for devotional purposes. Preferred term 95836 -
Altar Base Narrow term - -
ALTAR CROSS A cross designed to be placed upon an altar. Preferred term 95839 -
ALTAR VASE A vase used on the altar. Preferred term 95840 -
ALTAR VESSEL A container used upon the altar. Preferred term 96818 -
ALTARPIECE A decorative piece connected to the altar. Preferred term 97485 -
ALTIMETER An instrument for measuring height above sea level. Preferred term 95304 -
ALUDEL An object used in the sublimation process. It is pear shaped with both ends open. Preferred term 97324 -
AMMUNITION Articles used in charging guns and ordnance. Preferred term 97098 -
AMMUNITION POUCH A container used to hold ammunition. Preferred term 95153 -
AMPHIBIAN REMAINS Use for the remains of any part of an amphibian. Preferred term 100100 -
AMPHORA Storage vessel, usually a two handled narrow necked jar. Preferred term 96750 -
AMPULLA A miniature lead phial worn around the neck as a religious pilgrim sign, generally medieval. Preferred term 95897 -
AMULET A trinket worn as a protection against evil. Preferred term 95896 -
AMULET CAPSULE A case or container for an amulet. Preferred term 95254 -
Amulet Ring Use both terms. Narrow term - -
Amulet Seal Use both terms. Narrow term - -
ANCHOR A heavy weight used to moor a ship. Preferred term 95457 -
Anchor Stone Narrow term - -
Angle Bracket Narrow term - -
ANGLE TIE A bar fixed across a frame at an angle to stiffen it. Preferred term 96232 -
ANGON A long spear with a double barb where one barb is longer than the other. Preferred term 97102 -
ANIMAL BELL A bell worn by an animal, eg sheep, goats, cows and hawks, to inform the owner of the animal's position. Preferred term 100046 -

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