Scheme feeds of our work

The Scheme has now been publishing and syndicating its content in RSS or ATOM formats since 2004. It has proved to be an extremely useful way of subscribing to our content. If you haven't yet found out about the simple magic of RSS, then you should try it out (you can learn more from RSS ). These are just some of our syndicated feeds that you might be interested in:

You can turn any of your database searches into a feed, simply by switching the context of the URL; this is done by appending format/rss or format/atom to the end of the URL. So for example:

Can be turned into a feed by creating this URL: (RSS format)

or (ATOM format)

Many browsers now support automatic discovery of feeds when developers have included some code in the 'head' section of the HTMLdocument. If you find this icon - <img alt="The RSS icon image, an orange box with radar waves radiating from a dot in the left hand bottom corner" height="30" src="/documents/rss.png" width="30" />- in your address bar, your browser has discovered that there are some feeds available. If you click on the icon, you'll be given the list and can choose which to subscribe to.