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Length: 61.9mm, Height: 21.8mm, Thickness (at collar): 6.3mm, Weight: 8.84gms3Rotary4141195020104NLM2017-03-18T00:00:00ZNLM358772017-04-24T13:03:08Z2017-04-24T15:54:47Z8.8421.8PAS58FDE97C001B306.361.912712210013EE09B65016F10013EE09B65016F110554142359425317LincolnshireEast LindseyUlceby with Fordingtonaims.keys.initiated10NLM-DE9967Martin ForemanMartin ForemanWhite metal11967IncompleteGoodMODERNMODERNMetal detectorReturned to finderNLM35877.jpg612291images/mforeman/Martin Foreman2017-04-24T14:54:47.307ZGood2016-04-05T11:41:01Z1CircaMO151321Copper alloy32016-01-21T00:00:00Z2015-09-30T23:00:00Z1Civil ParishPAS4BFE8D660011F2KEY (LOCKING)7PAS5703A44D001FDFCirca2015ProbablySWYOR-3A4B46images/wakefield/germinate.surprise.handover2016-04-12T13:35:00Z Part of key of Post-Medieval to Modern date, AD 1700 - 1950. Only the bow survives. It is in the form of a flat, openwork trefoil with three circular perforations. In the centre of the base of the trefoil collar is a small, flat stub of metal where the bow was attached to the rest of the object. There is no decoration and the metal has a rough, dark brown patina. It is rectangular in cross-section, and is 28mm long, 34.4mm wide and 3.7mm thick. It weighs 13.69gm. The key handle may be from a locking key, or could bepart of a barrel tap similar to GLO-5E8406, though a locking key of modern date seems the most likely identification. This object was originally identified as a thumbpiece from an ejector candlestick, and paralleled with http://www.coulborn.com/furniture-categories/metalwork-and-treen/pair-of-square-based-brass-candlesticks-with-slide-ejectors/ which cites Caspall, J, Fire and Light in the Home pre-1820, (Antique Collector's Club, 2000), figure 216. Other examples are also recorded on the database; see for example records WMID-6FAB26 and LIN-666663. However, it is larger and more robust than these examples. 34.4http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/44415MODERNJack Coulthardx41047PM13.69Metal detector1950PAS4BFE8D660011F2516Jack Coulthard1TA1655SWYORAmy Downes10Unitary AuthorityCertain106271Late-0.23273145Generated from computer mapping softwareYorkshire and the HumberMODERNEast Riding of Yorkshire25635Jack CoulthardPAS form number 2805PAS4BA750C30010F23Amy Downes28East Riding of Yorkshire1Late1finds-777015POST MEDIEVALReturned to finderUnitary Authority36Skipsea3.7Fragment56295941430141MODERN777015170053.978052441CertainSWYOR-3A44DFPAS_2805_3A44DF.jpg2256352016-10-22T15:16:41.324ZCorroded2012-11-05T08:48:15Z1CircaMO9311Copper alloy12012-09-21T23:00:00Z2012-08-31T23:00:00Z1Civil Parish0013F2A2AC70111BKEY (LOCKING)7PAS50977D4F001291Circa2012CertainCORN-99C1D4images/atyacke/2012-11-06T23:24:38Z Incomplete cast copper alloy night latch or slide key, missing the internal bars in the bit which would have turned the lock. The key is complete and in a very good condition. It is slightly bent, probably from use on a heavy latch. The handle or bow is oval-shaped with a slightly expanded inner edge opposite the shank. The bow narrows into the shank which is round in section at this point. The shank or stem has three concentric parallel mouldings along its length, before it meets the bit at right angles, where it is square in section. The bit is shield-shaped with indented rectangular recesses half way along each internal edge, and two projections on one side which would have been mirrored by two projections on the opposite side and possibly bent into a 'L' shape as seen in LANCUM-9C5462, or straight, but not meeting in the middle as in LANCUM-01DC94. Night latch or slide keys have been known since the Roman time and there are numeous examples from the medieval and post-medieval period. This example, from its style of bow and shank, dates from the 19th century. The bow is 22 mm long and 22 mm wide; the shank is 16 mm long and 9 mm in diameter, and the bit is 28 mm long, 23 mm wide and 4 mm thick. 22http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/424598Anna TyackeMO16.69Metal detectorCast19000013F2A2AC70111B93Anna Tyacke2SX3858CORNAnna Tyacke96Unitary AuthorityCertain106271Early-4.280795From finderSouth WestCornwall43750Anna Tyacke65Cornwall126350508100finds-528031MODERNReturned to finderUnitary Authority41Saltash4Incomplete4030201414271MODERN528031180050.3994951CertainCORN-77D4F1Nov12finds01.JPG4437502016-10-22T15:13:17.933ZGood2012-09-07T09:58:31Z1CircaMO18811Copper alloy12012-08-02T23:00:00Z1Civil Parish00141E7B3F801BB2KEY (LOCKING)7PAS5049C5460014DACirca2012CertainLANCUM-9C5BC1images/dboughton/2012-09-07T10:05:00Z Cast copper alloy night latch key, probably dating from the 18th or 19th century. The key is complete and in a very good condition. It is slightly bent, probably from use on a heavy latch. The handle is oval-shaped with two mouldings beneath on the shank, while the bit is shield-shaped with a large single perforation that resembles a Maltese cross. On one side of the handle, at the top of the bow, are four deliberate notches, possibly a tactile aid for the use to align the key in the darkness. Night latch or slide keys have been known since the Roman time and there are numeous examples from the medieval and post-medieval period. This example, however is probably early modern, dating from the Georgian era. 25http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/4MODERNDot BoughtonMO27.09Metal detectorCast190000141E7B3F801BB2188Dot Boughton4LANCUMDot Boughton10DistrictCertain106271EarlyMelmerbyFrom a paper mapNorth WestMODERNCumbria13049Dot BoughtonRecorded at Penrith Finds Day, September 2012171Eden1Early1finds-519695MODERNReturned to finderCounty413.5Complete395842141431141MODERN51969517001CertainLANCUM-9C5462PM9C5462.jpg2132442016-10-22T15:13:08.882Z2011-10-20T13:10:33Z1CircaMO18811Copper alloy12011-09-09T23:00:00Z1Civil Parish00141E7B3F801BB2KEY (LOCKING)7PAS4EA01DC900184ECirca2011CertainLANCUM-01DDD5images/dboughton/2011-10-27T17:14:00Z Cast copper alloy night latch slide key dating from the modern period, i.e. c. AD 1700-1900. 27http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/4MODERNDot BoughtonMO21.66Metal detectorCast190000141E7B3F801BB2188Dot Boughton4LANCUMDot Boughton6DistrictCertain106271EarlyKendalGPS (from the finder)North WestMODERNCumbria12934Dot Boughton162South Lakeland1Early100finds-467806MODERNReturned to finderCounty419.9Complete351484141431141MODERN46780617001CertainLANCUM-01DC94DSCN6773a.jpg132442016-10-22T15:12:18.356ZGood2010-07-06T13:00:34Z1CircaMO132711Copper alloy1Civil ParishPAS4BCC4BA50012FEKEY (LOCKING)7PAS4C3328F2001909CircaCertainKENT-329877images/ruiha/2011-04-27T10:36:00Z Possibly a modern cast, copper-alloy key, post 1750AD. In shape it resembles a modern radiator key. The bow is roughly lozenge shaped with decorative, moulded knops at each corner point. The shank come off one knop and leads down to a hollow, circular end. 45.5mm long, (shank is 26.7mm long), 31.6mm wide, 6.1mm thick (on one knop) and weighs 14.14g. 31.6http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/4Ruiha Smalley14.14Metal detectorCastPAS4BCC4BA50012FE1327Ruiha Webster4KENTRuiha Webster6DistrictCertain106271STALISFIELDSouth EastKent18242Ruiha Smalley35.5Swale1100finds-397463Returned to finderCounty6.1Complete2881481414211MODERN39746317501CertainKENT-328F25KENT-328F25.jpg2182102016-10-22T15:11:11.509ZFair2010-06-07T16:20:42Z1CircaMO9911Copper alloy2010-06-05T23:00:00Z1Civil Parish0013F72EB3001EB0KEY (LOCKING)7PAS4C0D1C5A001B2CCirca2010CertainCounty / local importanceIOW-D1C8E6images/fbasford/2011-10-13T12:47:00Z A complete cast copper-alloy rotary key of probable Modern date (c. 1800-c. 1900). The bow is circular and solid and tapers slightly in thickness, from the shank towards the apex. It has a diameter of 18.1mm and a maximum thickness of 3.6mm. At the apex of the bow there is an integral circular suspension loop with a circular hole that has a diameter of about 3.0mm. This suspension loop has a free running copper-alloy ring with an outer diameter of 16.4mm. It is circular in cross-section and has a diameter of 3.1mm. There is no collar dividing the shank from the bow. The shank is hollow to depth of 13.7mm and has a length of 15.3mm. It is oval in cross-section (6.6 x 5.6mm) and has a simple rectangular bit (6.0 x 4.9 x 5.0mm) that has no clefts or channels. This key has a shiny mid-green patina and is corroded in places. An elongated aperture on one side of the shank appears to be a casting flaw rather than having been deliberately created. 50.9 x 18.1 x 5.6mm. Weight: 12.22g. 18.1http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/4MODERNGeoff EganMO12.22Metal detectorCast19000013EA168E001AC799Frank Basford2IOWFrank Basford10Unitary AuthorityCertain1062761Isle of WightGPS (from the finder)South EastMODERNIsle of Wight25469Frank BasfordIOW2010-1-32850.9Isle of Wight111finds-392786MODERNReturned to finderUnitary Authority415.6Incomplete284377141421141MODERN39278618001CertainIOW-D1C5A6IOW2010-1-328.JPG1254692016-10-22T15:11:07.128Z2010-04-14T17:08:44Z1CircaMO117111Copper alloy2010-04-10T23:00:00Z1Civil ParishPAS4BE0397D001EDCKEY (LOCKING)7PAS4BC5F69C0017B4Circa2010CertainPUBLIC-5F7581images/james247kent/2010-10-21T15:24:00Z A barrel-tap key with oval bow. Circa 19th century, Copper Alloy, Cast, 38.55mm long x 3.58mm thick. http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/418246Metal detectorCast1899750James McKenzie4PUBLICJen JacksonDistrictCertain106271South EastKent18242James McKenzieUKDFD Ref. No. - 2475438.55Swale1Barrel-Tap Keyfinds-385400Returned to finderCountyLeysdown3Complete2765111414211MODERN38540018001CertainPUBLIC-5F69C4Barrel Key.jpg182102016-10-22T15:11:01.252Z2008-09-16T22:25:58Z1MO9311Copper alloy2008-07-28T23:00:00Z2008-06-30T23:00:00Z1Civil Parish0013F2A2AC70111BKEY (LOCKING)700148D03276014BECirca2008CertainCORN-EEEBF6images/atyacke/2011-02-24T13:50:06ZIncomplete cast copper alloy cabinet or drawer key with most of the bow missing, with just part of the base remaining. The stem of the key is hollow and has an ornate bead and groove motif decorating the shaft closer to the bow end. Bailey (1997) illustrates similar examples on page 9 which are dated to the 19th century.9http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0/424431Anna TyackeMO8.54Metal detectorCast19000013F2A2AC70111B56Anna Tyacke2SW5033CORNDaniel Pett76Unitary AuthorityCertain106271-5.500463From finderSouth WestCornwall43750Anna Tyacke40Cornwall0returned to finder100finds-231925MODERNUnitary Authority41Ludgvan4Incomplete1889321414271MODERN231925180050.144246CertainCORN-031608Sept08finds 026.jpg437502016-10-22T15:09:01.024Z