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    • Broad period: MESOLITHIC
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  • Thumbnail image of LANCUM-0FB014

Record ID: LANCUM-0FB014
Broad period: MESOLITHIC
County: Cumbria
Workflow stage: Published Find published
Perforated stone object dating from the Early Mesolithic to the Late Neolithic. It is complete and in good shape except for a few abrasions around the outer edge. The implement is a simple one with a generally very uneven donut-shape and a circular central perforation which was probably drilled using a bow-like device and a stick with a rounded point, water and sand. The material which the axe hammer was made from looks like the quartz dolerite from the whin sill which was used to make axe-hammers during the Early Bronze Age (pers. comm. Dr Kevin Leahy). Whin sill deposits can be foun…
Created on: Friday 18th July 2008
Last updated: Friday 22nd April 2016
Spatial data recorded. This findspot is known as 'Greystoke', grid reference and parish protected.

  • Thumbnail image of BUC-624D80

Record ID: BUC-624D80
Broad period: MESOLITHIC
County: Buckinghamshire
Workflow stage: Published Find published
Flint tranchet axe/adze, asymmetric section, one face keeled, other convex, fully flaked over all. Light brown opaque flint, some signs of patination. Tranchet sharpening unclear. Length 135mm, Width 44mm, Thickness 33mm. Mass not recorded.
Created on: Wednesday 30th May 2012
Last updated: Friday 23rd May 2014
Spatial data recorded. This findspot is known as 'Knotty Green', grid reference and parish protected.

  • Thumbnail image of SUR-438658

Record ID: SUR-438658
Object type: MICROLITH
Broad period: MESOLITHIC
County: Surrey
Workflow stage: Published Find published
A group of three Mesolithic flints comprising the third group from this site. The worked flint comprises: 1. Scraper, mottled grey flint 53.67x34.53mm 2. Truncated Mesolithic blade, light grey flint 38.20 x 10.62mm 3. Microlith with obliquely backed point possibly early Mesolithic as it is long and narrow 31.31 x 7.03mm Dr Kevin Leahy observes: The latter two objects appear to be obliquely blunted flint points of Early Mesolithic date.
Created on: Monday 16th July 2012
Last updated: Thursday 22nd May 2014
No spatial data available.

  • Thumbnail image of BH-4C0382

Record ID: BH-4C0382
Object type: MICROLITH
Broad period: MESOLITHIC
County: Central Bedfordshire
Workflow stage: Published Find published
A Mesolithic flint microlith. The piece is sub-triangular, with a horizontal break (possibly deliberate) at the wider end. A longitudinal ridge extends down the centre of the dorsal surface, creating a triangular profile. Blunting appears to be confined to the longer side, where it has occurred along the entire length. The point has been cut off, removing the bulb-of-percussion, the original position of which is indicated by the direction of the ripples on the ventral surface. The flint is patinated and bluish-grey. Length: 25.4mm; width: 12.8mm; thickness: 2.1mm; weight: 0.62g.
Created on: Tuesday 26th November 2013
Last updated: Friday 14th August 2015
Spatial data recorded. This findspot is known as 'Flitwick', grid reference and parish protected.

  • Thumbnail image of IOW-83889C

Record ID: IOW-83889C
Object type: ADZE
Broad period: MESOLITHIC
County: Isle of Wight
Workflow stage: Published Find published
An almost complete Mesolithic to Early Neolithic flint adze or axehead (c. 10000 BC-c. 3500 BC). This implement is sub-rectangular in plan and sub-triangular in cross-section. One face has been entirely knapped and the other face has about 70% cortex. The flaking at the cutting edge end is long and short, scaled and semi-abrupt. The cortex is grey and buff and the flaked areas have a grey patina with creamy mottling and some iron staining. A modern chip near the butt end on the cortex reveals that the flint is dark grey. Length: 157.0mm; width: 60.9mm; thickness: 37.5mm. Weig…
Created on: Monday 23rd June 2014
Last updated: Thursday 28th September 2017
Spatial data recorded. This findspot is known as 'Isle of Wight', grid reference and parish protected.

  • Thumbnail image of CAM-BB87BF

Record ID: CAM-BB87BF
Object type: CORE
Broad period: MESOLITHIC
County: Cambridgeshire
Workflow stage: Published Find published
A recorticated tertiary flint core. This core has a sub-trapezoidal to sub-triangular cross-section and sub oval shape with a single flaking direction. It was used in the production of broad blades suggesting an Early Mesolithic or Early Neolithic date. Possible presence of core dressing. Probably a Clark (1960) Type A2. Weight 11.41g, length 50.3mm, maximum width 17.9mm, maximum thickness 11.6mm. Finder's reference: SP6.
Created on: Friday 16th September 2016
Last updated: Friday 23rd September 2016
Spatial data recorded.

  • Thumbnail image of HESH-E3EA72

Record ID: HESH-E3EA72
Object type: MICROBURIN
Broad period: MESOLITHIC
County: Shropshire
Workflow stage: Published Find published
Highly patinated probable microlith of late Mesolithic date 6500-3500 BC. The microlith is sub-triangular in plan and formed from the very base of a snapped flint blade. There is no evidence for retouch or secondary working Microliths have multiple uses from being set to form harpoons and arrows too small saws and other utilitarian tool types. It is possible gived the pointed nature of the tip of the flint that this may possibly have been a Microburin like tool - the flint is too heavily eroded to be sure - there is no evidence for detailed retouch around the tip which may substant…
Created on: Thursday 6th July 2017
Last updated: Friday 15th September 2017
Spatial data recorded.

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