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A Group of Medieval Pottery from Haycroft Farm, Membury Allan, J.P. and Langman, G. 2002 Exeter Export
A Group of Middle Bronze Age Socketed Axes from East Dorset O'Connor, B. and Woodward, P.J. 2003 Dorset Export
A Group of Pipes from Carhampton, Somerset Higgins, D. A. 2018 Merseyside Export
A Group of Silvered Horse-Trappings from Xanten (Castra Vetera) Jenkins, I. 1985 London Export
A Guide Book of United States Coins Yeoman, R.S. 1999 USA Export
A Guide to Anglo-Saxon and Foreign Teutonic Antiquities Smith, R.A. 1923 Export
A Guide to British Medieval Seals Harvey, P.D.A. and McGuinness, A. 1996 Toronto Export
A Guide to the Antiquities of Roman Britain in the Department of British and Medieval Antiquities Smith, R.A. 1922 Export
A Guide to the Artifacts of Colonial America Hume, I.N. 1978 New York Export
A Guide to the Industrial History of South Yorkshire Bayliss, D. 1995 Sheffield Export
A Hafted Halberd Excavated at Trecastell, Powys: from Undercurrent to Uptake – the Emergence and Contextualisation of Halberds in Wales and North-west Europe Needham, S.P. 2015 London Export
A History of Carmarthenshire; Vol I From Prehistoric Times to the Act of Union Fox, C. and Bowen, E.G. 1935 Cardiff Export
A History of Hallmarks Wilkinson, Wynard R. T. 1975 London Export
A History of Modern English Coinage MacKay, J. 1984 London and New York Export
A History of Modern English Coinage: Henry VII to Elizabeth II MacKay, J. 1984 Export
A History of Thimbles Holmes, E.F. 1985 New York Export
A History of Western Education Bowen, J. 1975 London Export
A History of carmarthenshire : Carmarthenshire in Prehistoric and Roman Times Fox C and Bowen EG 1935 Export
A History of the County of York: Volume 3 Victoria County History Page, W. 1974 Export
A Hoard of 'Minimissimi' from near Bourton on the Water, O'Neil, B.H.St.J. 1934 Gloucestershire Export

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