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Known as

Bishops Wood

Quantity summary

  • Coins in hoard: 17550
  • Containers for the hoard: 3


Broad period: ROMAN

Coin chronology

Last ruler: House of Constantine
Last Reece period: Period 17 Constantinian II (330-348)
Date from: AD 347
Date to: AD 348
Terminal reason: Date of latest reverse type

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Coin summary

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Period Ruler Denomination Mint From To Quantity
ROMAN Divus Claudius (Official) Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) Rome AD 317 AD 318 1
ROMAN Maximian I Radiate (antoninianus) - - - 1
ROMAN Diocletian Radiate (antoninianus) - - - 1
ROMAN Constantine I Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - - - 2455
ROMAN Licinius I Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - - - 21
ROMAN Licinius II Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - - - 7
ROMAN Crispus Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - - - 4
ROMAN Constantine II Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - - - 3680
ROMAN Constantius II Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - - - 2195
ROMAN Helena Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - - AD 337 3
ROMAN Constantinopolis Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - - - 3512
ROMAN Urbs Roma Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - - - 4214
ROMAN Constans Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - - - 438
ROMAN Dalmatius Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - - - 30
ROMAN Helena Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - AD 337 AD 340 312
ROMAN Theodora Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - AD 337 AD 340 271
ROMAN Constantine II Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - AD 337 - 3
ROMAN Constantius II Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - AD 337 - 6
ROMAN Constans Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - AD 337 AD 348 12
ROMAN House of Constantine Nummus (AE 1 - AE 4) - - - 384

Coin data quality rating: Fair (Grade 2)


Robertson 2000, 298 no. 1247:

""In the spring of 1895 a large hoard of late Roman coins was discovered on the estate of Mr. McCalmont, at Bishop's Wood, near Ros-o-Wye, a few yards on the Herefordshire side of the boundary between that county and Gloucestershire. The coins were found by some workmen who were getting surface stones to mend a road, and an accidental blow from a pick struck a large earthenware jar in which the coins had been placed, and scattered them in all directions. Two other jars lay in fragments beside it with the coins they had originally contained mixed with soil and debris. All had been enclosed by rough walling built against the hill-side, but if they had ever been covered by a stone, it had disappeared. The coins are all third brass of the Constantine series (except three single coins), and Captain Partridge (Mr. McCalmont's agent) handed me a box containing 17,550 coins, added to which there are a considerable number which I have been unable to examine, as they were found by schoolchildren and others early the next morning, before the men went to their work, and are now scattered about the neighbourhood."
The 17550 coins were 2 ant. (not 3 ant.) and 17548 small AE:
Ant. AE
Claudius II 1
Diocletian 1
Maximian 1
Constantine I, Aug. 2455
Licinius I 21
Licinius II 7
Crispus 4
Constantine II, Caes. 3680
Constantius II, Caes. 2195
Helena 3
Constantinopolis 3512
Urbs Roma 4214
Constans, Caes. 438
Delmatius 30
Helena (after AD 337) 312
Theodora (after AD 337) 271
Constantine II, Aug. 3
Constantius II, Aug. 6
Constans, Aug. 12
uncertain 384

2 17548
(deified (under Constantine I, c. AD 317-8))
(27 deified, 2 b.? VOT XX)
(1 b.? Urbs Roma rev.)
(1 b.? Constantinopolis rev.)
(1 b.? Constantinopolis rev.)
(VIRTVS AVGG NN 4; SECVRITAS REIP 1; hybrid, with Constantinopolis rev. 1)
"There are examples of careless workmanship upon these coins.
On the whole they are in an excellent state of preservation."
The 3 coins attributed to Constantine II, Aug. were of Constantine I or II Aug. 1; Constantine II or Constantius II, Aug. 2.
Mrs. M.E. Bagnal-Oakeley, in Trans. Bristol and Glos. Arch. Soc., XIX (1894), 399-420, types, mints, fig. of pot; and in NC, 1896, 209-37, types, mints
The pot was a large jar, 12 1/2 in. high and 10 1/4 in. wide, with gently curving neck and plain flat base.
135 coins in Blackgate Museum, Newcastle, 63 in Hereford City Museum, 44 in Bristol City Museum, 29 in Gloucester City Museum, and a few in Norwich Castle Museum
Examined 29 coins in Gloucester City Museum, 1958 (ASR)"


Multiple containers but coins not kept separate. 1661 coins from the hoard sold by Baldwins in May 2010 along with a cabinet made to display the coins and a restored ceramic jar that was a container for the hoard (formerly in the family of the original landowner). An image of the jar was provided. This may be the sample studied in detail by I Murray (notes in C&M file). Murray attempts to break down Bagnall-Oakley's list by reverse type but this is not entirely successful - the summary by emperor produced by Robertson is used here. Although the Baldwins catalogue gives one coin as 347-348, it is actually dated up to 340 and Murray's sample seems to support 337-340 as the latest date for this batch. The dating seems to hinge on the identification of VICTORIAE DD AVGGQ NN types by Bagnall-Oakely (actually described as CONSTANS AVG / VICTORIAE DD NN). Not all coins were seen by Bagnall-Oakley as some dispersed in the village.

Subsequent actions

Current location of find: Various

Materials of coins and artefacts in the hoard

  • Ceramic
  • Copper alloy

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Record ID: IARCH-152BC9
Object type: VESSEL
Broad period: ROMAN

Record ID: IARCH-7885DB
Object type: VESSEL
Broad period: ROMAN

Record ID: IARCH-1B141F
Object type: VESSEL
Broad period: ROMAN

Discovery dates

Date(s) of discovery: Friday 1st March 1895 - Saturday 1st June 1895

Personal details

Recorded by: Dr Eleanor Ghey

Other reference numbers

Legacy hoard number: 919
SMR reference number: Pastscape 109578

Spatial metadata

Region: West Midlands (European Region)
County or Unitary authority: County of Herefordshire (Unitary Authority)
District: County of Herefordshire (Unitary Authority)
To be known as: Bishops Wood

Spatial coordinates

Unmasked grid reference accurate to a 10 metre square.

Discovery metadata

Method of discovery: Building work
General landuse: Other
Specific landuse: Unknown

Archaeological information

Site details

Site class: Rural
Site type: Enclosure

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