Yorkshire Finds Published in Britannia

A round-up of the most interesting Roman finds recorded by PAS in 2016 has recently been published in Britannia by our Roman National Finds Adviser, Sally Worrell. It features several special finds from Yorkshire.

Roman enamelled vessel
Roman enamelled patera. Copyright: York Museums Trust. License: Attribution License

A beautiful and colourful enamelled copper-alloy vessel was found at Eastrington (YORYM-20B68C). The handle bears the inscription VTERE FELIX (meaning ‘Use with luck!’) and was probably believed to bring the user good luck.

Roman P-Profile brooch
Roman P-profile brooch. Copyright: York Museums Trust. License: Attribution License

YORYM-4786D1 is a P-profiled brooch from Brantingham. It is a type believed to have been made on the Continent and used mainly by soldiers.

Roman Button and Loop Fastener
Roman Button and Loop Fastener. Copyright: West Yorkshire Archaeology Advisory Service. License: Attribution License

Finally, a rare type of button and loop fastener was recorded from Hampole (SWYOR-1CA6D5). It is the only one like it recorded on the PAS database.

Full details of all these finds can be seen on the PAS database.