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Coronavirus: Important Information

PAS Yorkshire Update – 7th April 2021

From 12th April 2021, England’s Covid-19 restrictions ease further as Step 2 of the Roadmap takes effect. The British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) is delivered though its local partners meaning different host partners will have different approaches.

Both FLOs for Yorkshire, Amy Downes (South & West Yorkshire) and Rebecca Griffiths (North & East Yorkshire), are continuing to follow the Government’s latest health advice by working from home as much as possible and they are able to provide advice on finds via e-mail. Though some public buildings can reopen in Step 2, museums cannot do so until 17th May at the earliest, so meetings with finders at museums are not yet possible.

Until you can see your FLO, please keep hold of any finds you would like to have recorded, with a clear record of the minimum 6-figure NGR findspot for each object, for full recording at a later date in accordance with the Code of Practice for Responsible Metal-Detecting in England and Wales.

Finds Recording in South and West Yorkshire

From 12th April, Amy is able to offer appointments at her office in Morley for finders to hand in and collect finds. Please contact her by email (amy.downes@wyjs.org.uk) or phone (0113 535 0173) to book an appointment.

Discussions with partner museums to plan future PAS Finds Surgeries are ongoing. Further updates will be provided as soon as possible. Once museums open, safety requirements may mean that Finds Surgeries have to be delivered in a different way.

Finds Recording in North and East Yorkshire

Under Step 3 of the government’s four-step roadmap out of lockdown, museums will reopen no earlier than 17th May 2021. It is likely that many museums and other organisations will remain closed even after 21st June. We are currently not expecting the Yorkshire Museum, which hosts the FLO for North & East Yorkshire, to open until after this date. An exact reopening schedule is still being discussed at senior management level and updates will be published as soon as possible.

As such Rebecca remains unable to take in new finds for recording or return those already deposited.

Finds Identification

If you would like a brief identification of an object, and to know if it is eligible for recording with the Portable Antiquities Scheme at a future date, please send:

  • Digital images of the front, back and side of the object with a scale bar or ruler
  • The grid reference of the find spot (minimum 6-figure NGR but more precise if possible)
  • The date of discovery


In accordance with the 1996 Treasure Act, all finds of potential Treasure must be reported within 14 days. We are working to deal with finds of potential Treasure remotely until they can be handed in, so that we can keep the process moving as much as possible. In order to help with this, if you have an object which you believe may constitute potential Treasure, please send the following details by e-mail, and await further instruction.

  • Your full name and address
  • The full name, postal address and e-mail address of the landowner and occupier (in cases of tenanted land)
  • A minimum 6-figure National Grid Reference (NGR) for where the find was made (a simple guide to findspots is available here)
  • The depth at which the object was discovered
  • The type of land on which it was found (i.e. cultivated or pasture)
  • Date of discovery
  • Digital photographs (a basic guide to finds photography is available here).

Your e-mail will satisfy the 14 day notification period required under the Treasure Act.

DCMS Guidance

The government has published guidance for members of the public on searching for archaeological finds in England during COVID-19. Please keep up to date with these guidelines.

Next Steps

We continue to work with the government, DCMS and local partners about the best ways to deliver the PAS in the coming months as restrictions ease. We want to ensure that we work with partners and finders to deliver the best service that we can under varying local conditions. Updates will be posted here.

Many thanks for your patience and cooperation.

PAS Yorkshire Team

Amy Downes & Rebecca Griffiths


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The Vale of York Viking Hoard
2017 T2 (SWYOR-AECB53): The Vale of York Viking Hoard
 Copper-alloy Roman statue fragment
YORYM-F46085: Copper-alloy Roman statue fragment
Bronze Age Hoard
2013 T583 (YORYM-958D05): Bronze Age Hoard
Copper-alloy Medieval pilgrim badge
LVPL-6B1F98: Copper-alloy Medieval pilgrim badge
Copper-alloy enamelled Roman patera
YORYM-20B68C: Copper-alloy enamelled Roman patera
Anglo-Saxon gold shilling
YORYM-504283: Anglo-Saxon gold shilling