Volunteers’ Week – Meet our Team

Aimee is now our longest serving volunteer and so has updated us on her favourite objects and her forthcoming PhD. 

Why did I start volunteering for the PAS?

I did a degree in Ancient History and Archaeology and wanted to get more involved with the archaeology side of things, so I started volunteering for the PAS alongside taking part in community digs; that way, I got to see the whole picture of archaeology from small finds through to large-scale excavation. Although I’ve now moved away from archaeology and more into history, I find that working with the objects helps to keep history in perspective.

What period of the past most interests me?

I’m most interested in Classical Greece and the Hellenistic period that follows. In terms of British history, I’m most interested in the Roman period, but I can find something appealing in all time periods!

Which objects most interest me?

I particularly like Polden Hill brooches, but have recently developed a bit of a love for Roman coins as the imagery on them is so rich. I also really like medieval seal matrices! Which of the finds I have recorded is my favourite? Probably a gilded Roman disc brooch, similar to this one WMID-997A92. Even though it is incomplete, it looks quite modern, and I can imagine someone picking it up to wear today.

WMID-997A92 An incomplete Roman copper alloy gilded oval brooch dating to circa AD 200-350. 

What is my favourite historical site or monument?

I don’t visit historical sites nearly as much as I should, but I think the House of Dionysus in the archaeological park in Paphos in Cyprus was really amazing with some fantastically preserved mosaics. At the moment my most visited historical site is Hanbury Hall in Worcestershire, owned by the National Trust, which has some amazing Neo-classical murals based on classical mythology that I was so blown away by I’m giving a talk about them!

What are my other interests outside archaeology?

I’m about to embark on a PhD in Classics so do enjoy history more generally; luckily for the rest of the PAS West Midlands team I also enjoy baking, and gardening where I grow a lot of my ingredients!