Volunteers’ Week – Meet our Team


Why did I start volunteering for the PAS?

(January 2019). I came to volunteering via detecting. I had been a lurker on Twitter and saw the post for volunteer advertised on my local FLO’s Twitter feed. I hadn’t thought about volunteering before this. I have never found much while detecting but had seen some remarkable finds by members of my local club. I would try to investigate some of these finds further but with limited success. I became more and more interested in the finds.

What period of the past most interests me?

Difficult to say. I tend to become interested in the period defined by the object I’m recording at any one time!

Which objects most interest me?

I am intrigued by the different ways the spring and pin were wired into the  head of a Roman brooch. I also love the detective work needed to identify and classify Medieval coins, (say) an Edward penny. Not keen on flints or pottery: I wouldn’t know where to start.

Which of the finds I have recorded is my favourite?

I have a soft spot for one of my earliest finds (although I didn’t record it) a Charles I silver shilling. I have also found a sestertius of Trajan not far from the river Trent.

WMID-C22743, A copper-alloy Roman sestertius of Trajan (AD 98-117), dating to the period AD 98-117 (Reece period 5). Mint of Rome.

What is my favourite historical site or monument?

The Battle of Hopton Heath took place just outside Stafford. I have detected all round the defined battle field. Lots of contemporary buttons and buckles but no hoards!

What are my other interests outside archaeology?

Off road biking (mainly Cannock Chase), computers, air shows, the countryside. Always watch ‘Gold Rush’ and ‘Gold Divers’ on the Discovery channel!