Medieval Armorial Harness Fittings Relating to Surrey– and Problems of Identification

During the 13th and 14th centuries a fashion for decorative metalwork on the horse harness of the well-to- do saw widespread use of armorial decorations. These took the form of individual pendants and more elaborate sets which included miniature banners, pendants, mounts and bosses (Ward Perkins, 1940; Ashley, 2002). Elements of these are widely recorded …more

Surrey FLO weekend sessions, Autumn 2019

The schedule of weekend drop-in finds sessions (typically held from 11am until 1pm) in Surrey for the rest of 2019 is as follows: Saturday September 14th – Guildford House Gallery, High St. Guildford.Sunday September 15th – Surrey Arch Society Research Centre, Abinger (as part of their open day).Saturday October 5th – Addlestone Community Centre, Addlestone. …more