Roman brooch, Lackford

SF-AB105F. Copyright Suffolk County Council This zoomorphic brooch was recovered by a local metal detector user earlier this year. The term ‘zoomorphic’ is used to signify animal representation. In this case, it is something of a misnomer because the creature is mythological. It is the ‘hippocamp’, coming from the Greek words for horse and sea-monster. …more

A pair of unfinished early Anglo-Saxon wrist clasps from Sutton, Suffolk

In spring of 2015 a conjoined pair of unfinished early medieval copper alloy wrist clasps were found by Mr Michael King in the parish of Sutton, Suffolk whilst he was metal detecting. The pair are a particularly interesting discovery because they are the only two found still attached in this way and may be able …more

An Iron Age linch pin from Suffolk

In 2015 an Iron Age linch pin of vase-headed type was found at Fressingfield, Suffolk, and reported to the Suffolk Finds Recording Team (PAS: SF-1007C4). Although suffering from some corrosion and post-depositional damage, it remains the most complete example to date recorded within the county.     With its characteristic vase-shaped head, iron shank, and …more