50 Finds from Staffordshire

The latest in Amberley Publishing’s 50 Finds series is due to be published on Sunday 15th April 2018. This volume focuses on some of the exciting finds that have been found in Staffordshire since 1997, when the Portable Antiquities Scheme started.

50 finds were selected from over 12,000 recorded, and are very much a personal choice by Teresa. They reflect the range and diversity of archaeological finds made within the county, from Palaeolithic quartzite handaxes through to Post Medieval skillet handles. Most are still in private ownership but some have been acquired by local museums and are available to view, with thanks to the Treasure Act 1996. Some finds made have been of national, if not international importance and continue to rewrite the history books.

Teresa would like to thank all the metal detectorists and members of the public who have recorded finds made in Staffordshire with the Portable Antiquities Scheme. Without you, this book could not have been written. Please keep up the good work and help us to carry on rewriting Staffordshire (and the country’s history) by continuing to discover new finds, along with their grid references.

To find out which finds have been chosen, you will to have to buy or read the book!

The book is available from Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, Waterstones, WH Smith & Amberley Publishing.