The Sheriffhales Seal Matrix

Hiding in plain sight, this find emphasises the connections between even an innocuous seeming object in a remote rural village, and one of history’s greatest crimes against humanity.

West Midlands Headley Trust Intern, Emily. Part Two: The Internship

Becoming a Headley Trust intern with the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) has taught me things that I had not anticipated. Whilst I had developed the basic skills necessary for the role whilst volunteering, I had not imaged working with the press a great deal (turns out when you have a piano of gold sovereigns reported …more

Hello from Shropshire

We at the PAS in Shropshire are excited to bring you our new County Pages and blog. Looking forward to sharing some amazing finds and archaeology with you all! For now here is a picture of me in my natural habitat (sitting in a hole in the ground).