Treasure 20 Rutland County Museum – Ketton founders Hoard

  Ketton Founders Hoard

These late Bronze Age looped and socketed axes make up part of the Ketton  ‘founders’ hoard.  Containing  16 axes in total, along with a socketed knife or dagger and a fragment of casting scrap. It is believed to be the hidden stock of a travelling bronze founder. The Hoard was found in 1972 during works at Ketton Portland Cement Company Works and donated to the Museum Service.

Some of the axes from the hoard

When it was found Prehistoric base metal hoards were not considered Treasure. In 2003 the new Treasure Act was amended to include this category. Since then many hoards have been found and acquired by museums and such hoards are revolutionising our knowledge of Bronze Age metal work and society.

The dagger  can be seen  at Rutland County Museum

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