As I end my 16 years working as an FLO, I wanted to reflect on what kept me in the job for so long! One of the things I loved most about being an FLO was handling a wide array of artefacts and continually learning about them. I have had the privilege of learning a …more

Rare Bronze Age Sword fragment donated by finder

This lump of Bronze doesn’t look much, but it is in fact part of a rare Bronze age sword handle. It’s special because the hilt (handle) fragment – the U shaped outer part shown in the image surrounding the blade fragment – would normally have been constructed of an organic material such as wood or bone. …more

Treasure 20 Rutland County Museum – Roman portrait ring

Late Roman Gold Finger Ring This wonderful  ring from Whitwell depicts a man and woman and may be a betrothal gift or a love token? The portrait is contained within a beaded border and a raised edge with a very fancy  embossed border surrounding it. It’s  ‘shoulders’  where the bezel joins the hoop,  are decorated with …more

Treasure 20 Rutland County Museum – Ketton founders Hoard

  Ketton Founders Hoard These late Bronze Age looped and socketed axes make up part of the Ketton  ‘founders’ hoard.  Containing  16 axes in total, along with a socketed knife or dagger and a fragment of casting scrap. It is believed to be the hidden stock of a travelling bronze founder. The Hoard was found …more

Treasure 20 – The Tinwell Roman coin hoard

 The Tinwell Roman coin hoard The hoard was found by a metal detectorist in 1999. The 2830 coins were found in a Lower Nene valley white colour-coat vessel. The Nene valley in Northamptonshire was an important pottery manufacturing area of Roman Britain and their products are common in the Midlands. The coins are debased Radiates, which …more

Treasure 20 Rutland County Museum – silver necklace

         Early Medieval silver ‘Lunula’ This wonderful Early Medieval silver Lunula or necklet has stamped decoration and three triangular patches of gilding.  It was found at Market Overton and dates to the 6th century.  Necklets like this are rare, especially in precious metal.  Parallels for this have been found, made of copper alloy, …more

Treasure 20 Rutland County Museum – Roman ‘Hacksilver’ Hoard

Roman Hack Silver Hoard This amazingly rare hoard containing 9 pieces of sheet silver from at least three vessels and an incomplete solid silver hair pin, was found during excavations just outside the Fort in 1954. The hoard was buried outside Great Casterton, beside one of towns wall’s projecting bastions. This spot might have been chosen because …more

Meet Rutland’s ‘Flintstones’

Ellie Cooper, Museum Intern shares her love of Prehistory. Prior to my role as a Collections and Interpretation Intern at Rutland County Museum I did not know much about Rutland. Admittedly, I presumed it was part of Leicestershire. Now understanding it’s the smallest county in England and given its rich history, I thought it would …more

Thistleton Roman town

Thistleton is a very interesting Roman site in Rutland,  including a long running temple precinct with Iron Age origins, evidence for a small industrious town and a villa site. It was excavated by the Ministry of Works (the forerunner of English Heritage)  in the 1950s to early 1960s, which sadly was not published. Objects from …more