Museums and Groups in Nottinghamshire

There are plenty of ways to get involved with the history and archaeology of Nottinghamshire. Why not visit a museum or join an archaeological society?

Many Portable Antiquities Scheme finds can be seen on display at museums around the county (see the links that accompany the descriptions below).



Bassetlaw Museum

Bassetlaw Museum has an archaeology gallery displaying finds from Bassetlaw district, including some discovered by members of the public. These include the Carlton-in-Lindrick Knight (SWYOR-D37EE5) and the Tuxford Crucifix (DENO-F90404).

Creswell Crags Museum and Visitor Centre

The Creswell Crags Museum and Visitor Centre houses the objects that were found within the famous caves of Creswell Crags, which have been used for the last 55,000 years. The caves also also contain some of the earliest art discovered in Britain.

Mansfield Museum

Mansfield Museum has a display of archaeological artefacts from the local area including a Neolithic polished axehead (DENO-5D54D4).

National Civil War Centre – Newark Museum

Opened in 2015, the National Civil War Centre – Newark Museum is primarily dedicated to artefacts from the English Civil War, but it also has archaeology galleries containing archaeological finds from Newark and Sherwood district, including the beautiful Newark Torc (DENO-4B33B7).

Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery

Nottingham Castle Museum and Gallery and its stores at Brewhouse Yard house archaeological finds from south Nottinghamshire, including an early-medieval strap-end (PAS-D7AF51) and finds from an Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Broughton

University of Nottingham Museum

The University of Nottingham Museum displays a wide range of archaeology, including excavated finds from the Roman fort at Margidunum.



Societies & Organisations

The Thoroton Society of Nottinghamshire

The Thoroton Society is Nottinghamshire’s principal historical and archaeological society. It produces an annual journal, ‘The Transactions’, which will soon contain an annual round up of PAS finds from the county.

Bingham Heritage Trails Association

The BHTA promotes awareness of the area around Bingham, including the important Roman site of Margidunum.

Nottingham Young Archaeologists’ Club

Meeting once a month children and young adults will be able to get involved with exciting activities such as Roman food tasting, Aztec headdress making, Castle building, visiting historical and archaeological sites, handling ancient artefacts and participating in excavations.

Sherwood Archaeological Society

The SAS is an amateur archaeology group based in Mansfield. The society mainly researches and excavated is central and west Nottinghamshire.