Museums and Groups in Northumberland

There are plenty of ways to get involved with the history and archaeology of Northumberland. Why not visit a museum or join an archaeological society?

Many Portable Antiquities Scheme finds can be seen on display at museums around the county (see the links that accompany the descriptions below).



Bailiffgate Museum

Bailiffgate Museum and Gallery is a people’s Museum, where stories of the past are told about the town and district of Alnwick. It is housed in a historic building in the town’s Castle Quarter which was previously a church.

Lindisfarne Heritage Centre

Tells the history of Lindisfarne, with interactive displays about the Lindisfarne Gospels.

Roman Army Museum

Explored through reconstructions, objects excavated along Hadrian’s Wall and the Vindolanda Trust’s inspiring interpretations of army life including the exclusive 3D Edge of Empire film, the museum pays homage to Rome’s military accomplishments in Britain.

Woodhorn Museum

Situated in an historical colliery site, Woodhorn Museum explores Northumberland’s mining history.


Societies & Organisations

A list of local archaeology and history societies in Northumberland is maintained by Altogether Archaeology here.