Museums and Groups in Northamptonshire

There are plenty of ways to get involved with the history and archaeology of Northamptonshire. Why not visit a museum or join an archaeological society?

Many Portable Antiquities Scheme finds can be seen on display at museums around the county (see the links that accompany the descriptions below).



Daventry Museum

Daventry Town Council museum is a friendly and fascinating museum. Run by volunteers and housed within the Town Council offices, this is where people meet to share stories and learn about Daventry’s rich history. You can see the gold Ashby St Ledgers medieval brooch there (LEIC-A3B9F2).

Manor House Museum, Kettering

Manor House Museum in Kettering stands on the site of the ‘noble hall’ created in the days of Abbot Walter de St Edmunds (1233-46), when Kettering was one of the most valuable possessions of Peterborough Monastery and houses a local history collection.

Northampton Museum & Art Gallery

The Archaeology collection covers Bronze Age pottery, Iron Age finds from Hunsbury, Roman finds from Duston and Irchester, pottery, weapons and jewellery from Anglo-Saxon cemeteries and many other objects were first collected in the 19th century.

Wellingborough Museum

Wellingborough Museum displays the collection of artefacts owned by the Winifred Wharton Trust, previously shown in The Heritage Centre at Croyland Hall in Wellingborough. There is a typical market town collection of mainly social items relating to Wellingborough and district.


Societies & Organisations

Northamptonshire Archaeological Society

The Northamptonshire Archaeological Society (NAS) was formed in 1974 to promote the study and appreciation of the Archaeology and History of the county.