George’s Story

George (right) and Harry (left) with their dad Bryan recording at the Manchester Museum. Copyright: The Portable Antiquities Scheme
License: All rights reserved

George Fowles is a young metal detectorist who has been recording with the scheme since 2015. George and his brother Harry have recorded over 32 finds so far and record both at their local metal detecting club and at various museum finds days. As part of the Festival of Archaeology we wanted to find out more from George about his finds and how he records them.

LVPL-CF7B79 Silver penny of Edward I, AD 1280. Copyright National Museums Liverpool: Attribution-ShareAlike License.

Name: George Fowles

Age: 12

What got you into metal detecting?   My Dad he said it would help me learn about history.

What has been your favourite find so far?   Although I’ve found Roman and Gold coins my favourite one is a silver ‘Edward I’ penny as it was my first hammered coin.

I have found medieval artefacts and more modern gold but my favourite artefact would have to be a simple door bell. I sought permission to search my school field and my research led me to find out a house once stood on part of the land which nobody knew about and right where I said the building had once stood I found the old brass door bell.

George’s doorbell. Copyright: George Fowles. License: All rights reserved.

What would you like to find?   Although a hoard would be nice, I would like to find an item the museum would like to keep on permanent display and I could go and see it in the museum.

Why do you record your finds?   It’s the right thing to do as it helps local archaeologists to paint the picture of our history.

What is the best thing about recording your finds?   You get to meet the Finds Liaison Officer who can confirm what you’ve found and if all the research etc. has payed off.

What do you want to do when you finish school?  To be an archaeologist.

 Do you have any advice for future detectorists?   Get permission from the land owner and RECORD YOUR FINDS.

LVPL-74665E George’s sestertius of Lucilla will be on display at the Museum of Liverpool as part of our Treasure20 celebrations. Copyright National Museums Liverpool: Attribution-ShareAlike License.