We are rolling out the County Pages to England and Wales in stages. To start we are running a pilot in Leicestershire. Eventually every county in England and the country of Wales will have their own County Pages website.

Areas with their own pages so far:

We look forward to inviting Finds Liaison Officers and volunteers to take part in the new County Pages over the next year. Below is a general map of the areas we hope to cover during the course of the project (we may revise some of these slightly):

Counties of England and Wales
Counties of England and Wales. Attribution: CC-BY-SA Nilfanion, Dr Greg and Portable Antiquities Scheme, derived from


NB: The counties used in the County Pages do not necessarily correspond to the modern Ordnance Survey areas used by the PAS database. This is because the County Pages are designed to be easy to use for visitors, whereas the Ordnance Survey areas are based on complex boundaries set for elections and use by local government.

For example, the county of Leicestershire used in the County Pages covers ‘Leicestershire (County)‘ and the ‘City of Leicester (Unitary Authority)‘. When searching for Leicestershire finds on the PAS database, we have made sure that all relevant areas are included in the search results.