Leicestershire Team

Wendy Scott
Wendy Scott

Wendy Scott, Finds Liaison Officer, Leicestershire & Rutland
More about Wendy on her finds.org.uk profile page

Wendy is ably supported by a range of volunteers and student placements. At the moment the Leicestershire team consists of:

Bill Gidlow – Photoshop and photography master

Liz Janovsky – PhD candidate University of Leicester

Joyce Lee – Research queen

Dr Phil Harding – The original self-recorder

Roger Thomas – Self recorder

Darren White – Self recorder

For information on joining your local Community Finds Recording Team in Leicestershire, please contact

Wendy on   Telephone: +44 (0)116 3058325   Email: wendy.scott@leics.gov.uk

For general enquiries about Leicestershire archaeology please email archaeology@leics.gov.uk.

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