30,000 Objects recorded

As the PAS celebrates its 15th anniversary as a national scheme, the Leicestershire team have just surpassed 30,000 objects recorded!

This achievement is only possible with the assistance of many volunteers over the years and the few self-recorders who are adding to the Leicestershire county total.

The 30,000 objects sit in 19,181 records (i.e. coin hoards are one record). These are objects that could have been found anywhere that local finders go to metal detect. For Leicestershire as a County (which includes 3 detectorists ‘self-recording’ their objects) we currently have 26,118 objects (in 16,121 records).

The volunteers assist me with everything from identification, recording finds details, photography and photo shop. But the main way they help is getting all the information and photographs onto the database records.

As well as being the pilot county for our PASt explorers volunteer project, Leicestershire also had the first ever self- recorder. He has now added 1,319 of his own finds, which is a considerable contribution to the counties archaeological data.

We encourage all finders to consider creating their own records for some or all of their finds to enable us to record as much as possible. The PASt explorers project provides training for this, so if anyone is interested please do get in touch!

The object was a coin of Henry VII found close to Bosworth Battlefield, a very apt location. It was also entirely accidental that it became the 30,000th object inputted!

Halfpenny of Henry VII. Copyright: Leicestershire County Council, Licence: CC-BY.