Here are some links to useful information about recording finds on the PAS database, identifying artefacts and coins, and general guidance for finders.

If you have found an artefact or coin and would like to report it to your local Finds Liaison Officer, you can find their contact details here.

Finds Recording
To help volunteers and self-recording finders record artefacts and coins on the PAS database, we have a number of guides:

Finds Recording Guides
New guides written by the PASt Explorers team, to help you describe artefacts properly on a PAS database record.

Database Recording Guide
Introduces volunteers and self-recorders to the PAS database, and explains how they can record finds directly onto the database.

Photographing Finds
Guide to taking high-quality photographs suitable for the PAS database.

Editing Digital Images
Guide to editing photographs for the PAS database to a good standard.

How to Find a National Grid Reference from a Map
Guide to finding accurate findspots for artefacts from a map.

How to Plot Finds in the Field with GPS
Guide to recording accurate findspots for artefacts when they are found out in the field.

Artefact Identification
To help finders identify the age and type of an artefact or coin, we have produced a number of guides:

All Artefact Guides on PAS website
Conservation of Finds (on site and at home)
Bronze Age Artefacts
Iron Age Coins
Roman Coins
Greek & Roman Coins
Byzantine Coins
Early Medieval Coins
Medieval Coins
Post Medieval Coins

General Guidance
The Treasure Act
Code of Practice for Responsible Metal Detecting