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Staff terminals are openwork copper-alloy mounts thought to be from the ends of late early-medieval to medieval cross-staffs.  This follows a reidentification by Simon Bailey (1994), examples having been published as sword pommels by Ward Perkins (1940, 23; fig. 2, nos 1-2), or mace heads by Cherry (in Blockley 1988, 115, 117; no. 30).

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Staff terminals have characteristically openwork decoration.  They fall into two main groups (Daubney 2010, 205), one of discoidal form (Ward Perkins 1940, 23; fig. 2, no. 2; also see below), the other of globular form (Ward Perkins 1940, 23; fig. 2, no. 1; also see below); other forms are known, but rarer.  At their bases is a circular or sub-rectangular socket which either has solid sides or features triangular apertures; it is perforated for attachment, presumably to a wooden shaft.  Many examples are decorated with lattice work embellished with small knops.


Historically these objects have been dated to the 12th century, however, demonstrably 11th-century examples are known, and distinctions between late early-medieval and medieval examples are difficult.  Dating by art style centres on depictions of animals and foliage, one of which has been dated to the 1050s, displaying a combination of late Winchester style and early Romanesque decoration (NMS-F28FF6, below).  Excavated examples are known from the mid 11th century from Dublin (Bailey 1994, 173; note 11), the late 11th century from Canterbury (Cherry in Blockley 1988, 115, 117; no. 30), a context of c. 1050-1100 from Bow Bells House, London (Richardson in Howell with Blackmore 2013, 95-97; fig. 62), and a context of c. 1050-1150 from Cooper’s Row, London (Egan in Hunt 2010, 76-77; fig. 20, no. B71).


Late early-medieval to medieval staff terminal (BH-B64636)
Late early-medieval to medieval staff terminal (BH-B64636) (Copyright: Portable Antiquities Scheme; CC-BY licence)

Late early-medieval to medieval staff terminal (NMS-F28FF6)

Late early-medieval to medieval staff terminal (NMS-F28FF6) (Copyright: Norfolk County Council; CC-BY licence)

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