Button and Loop Fasteners

Introduction Button-and-loop fasteners seem to have been multi-purpose, some perhaps for horse-harness (especially the chunkier earlier ones) and some for human clothing (Worrell 2008, 341).  Their core distribution in lowland Scotland and northern England, has been extended southwards by PAS finds, which are now well known from Yorkshire and the Humber, the East and West …more


Introduction A spur is fixed to the heel of a rider and used for directing the horse and encouraging it forwards. Because they are worn by the human, but only used for riding a horse, they sit awkwardly between dress accessories and horse equipment. Buckles were used for fastening spurs, and at least some can …more


Introduction Purses are pouch-like containers, generally made of leather or fabric, used to store and carry coins.  Metal elements from medieval and early post-medieval purses include the arched hanger onto which the strings of medieval purses were tied, and the purses with metal sub-structures of the late medieval and early post-medieval period.  Metal mounts were …more


Introduction Wrist-clasps were used to fasten the cuffs of women’s clothing in the early Anglo-Saxon period. They are found almost exclusively in the Anglian culture-province (East Anglia, Cambridgeshire, the East Midlands, North and East Yorkshire). Occasionally the top of the slit in the cuff was covered with a triangular metal fitting called a gusset plate. Hines …more


A finger-ring is a circular object worn on the finger, usually just as an ornament. It can be a complete circle or penannular (with open ends); it can be a plain hoop, or have a bezel. Finger-ring designs can be simple and conservative, and so unstratified examples can be very hard to date. PAS object …more

Pendent Loops

Introduction Pendent loops are small copper-alloy looped objects that hung from medieval bar mounts with integral hooked ends.  Two such hanging loops found on the same strap in London suggest that other objects could have been suspended from them, perhaps knives or purses (Egan and Pritchard 2002, 219, 221; fig. 138, bottom).  Certain forms can …more


Introduction Strap-slides are looped metal fittings that were set at right angles to a strap to hold down the free end. They often have apertures that are greater than double the strap thickness to allow objects mounted to straps such as bar mounts and strap-ends to pass through them; the arched top on certain medieval …more