How to Record a Coin

Introduction The main difference between recording a coin (or jetton, token etc) and any other object is that for a coin there is an extra form to complete, in addition to the standard finds form, findspot form, and so on. Coins are standard, mass-produced objects, and the numismatic forms are set up to capture this …more

How to Identify Fabulous and Mythical Beasts

Fabulous beasts are found on many types of object. They are not common in the early-medieval world, but develop in the medieval period when they are also found in bestiaries (books with descriptions and pictures of real and mythical beasts). They also occur in Greek and Roman myths, and are much used in heraldry. Here is a list of …more

How to Describe Shape, Form and Decoration

Principles for describing shape, form and decoration There are two motivations behind your choice of words when describing shape, form and decoration: firstly consistency, and secondly full precision. Firstly you will want to use the consistent words that will allow your record to be retrieved. For example, there is a set of rectangular medieval buckle …more