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Here you will find information and guidance on how to record objects on the Portable Antiquities Scheme database at These guides are intended to be used once you know what an object is, to ensure that objects and object parts are named properly.

Please note that these Guides are a work in progress. You may find Guides that are incomplete or missing. Please bear with us.

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    • Ring (LVPL-4E1594)


    A ring is a circular loop which may have a variety of uses. The term is most often used for cast rings of 2-3cm diameter which may have been part of horse-harness, or brooch or buckle frames, or used for suspension of vessels or curtains, and so on. PAS object type to be used RING should …more



    • Medieval annular brooch with black-letter inscription (SF-52ADB1)


    Inscriptions, or lettering, can be found on many object types. This guide will cover languages and letter types and the most common inscriptions found, from the Roman to post-medieval periods. It covers only non-numismatic objects; the inscriptions on coins, tokens and jettons should be recorded on the coin, token or jetton form. It is crucial …more