Demystifying Findspots – How We Work to Protect Spatial Data

FLOs will hear these lines, time and time again – “I don’t want to give you the findspot, because the farmer doesn’t want that information out there” or “because the area is night-hawked all the time and we don’t want to draw attention to it” First off, let me say that I understand those concerns …more

Celebrating 20 Years of Treasure in Essex

Essex Treasure Tour 2017!       Hello! I’m Sophie Flynn, the new Essex FLO. To celebrate the 20th birthday of the Treasure Act, this July I’m going to be hopping across the county from museum to museum to hold a series of fun-filled, educational Finds Days (with a particular focus on the shinier objects …more

Essex records 20,000th find

This week the Essex PAS team recorded its 20,000th find. Essex has had a Finds Liaison Officer for just over a decade and this milestone has been achieved thanks to the help of many people that have been involved with the PAS throughout this time. In total, there have been 17, 435 finds recorded in Essex, Thurrock and Southend. …more

A pilgrim badge (with noble ties?)

In 2011 a pilgrim badge was discovered and recorded in Essex (ESS-940232). It depicts Saint Hubert or Saint Eustace, as both saw a vision of a cross between a stags’ antlers whilst hunting. This prompted St Eustace to convert to Christianity, while St Hubert, who was already a Christian, saw this as a sign to …more

The archaeology of Essex: A whistle-stop tour

Essex is an incredibly large county, covering 3670 km2, and as such has a wealth of history. Archaeological excavations and metal detected finds have been able to inform us about a great deal more than the written record already had. Here are a few of the significant events in Essex’s past and some objects that highlight each …more