Researching Roman Dividers

This blog was written by Elizabeth Foulds and originally appeared on on 2 October 2020. It has been re-posted with the author’s permission.  For the last twelve months I was lucky enough to work as an Assistant Finds Liaison Officer in the Durham Portable Antiquities Scheme office. This was a part-time role supported by …more


We’re very pleased to report that our unique Roman sailor’s discharge diploma (DUR-C3E4FE) has been bought by Palace Green Museum in Durham City and is now on permanent display. The diploma was discovered in 2016 near Longovicium Roman Fort (Lanchester, Co. Durham) by Mark Houston, an experienced detectorist. He and the then FLO, Ellie Cox, …more


In her 9th April 2018 blog, Lauren Speed chose to highlight finds from Durham as part of the 15th year of PAS celebrations. One of the finds she chose was an unusual Roman Dragonesque-type brooch (DUR-6AD3ED). The beautiful, enamelled plate brooch is an abstract zoomorphic form with turned-in heads at each end. Unfortunately, one of …more